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I’m Adarsh.M. I’m a blogger and a web designer from South India (Exact Location Here :p). I have been blogging since 2015 September. And I started this blog to share my experience using many online, offline tools and many other things. I do have a story to share about, “How I entered into blogging?”, but I didn’t write a post about it. So, writing it here.

I am an average student, who like working on computers. The only thing I knew was a little bit of HTML. And I thought I knew something :p. That’s okay, right? (But now, I am better, don’t think twice to hire me for your web projects).

You know, it took me some time to write better! The first post I wrote was the worst (but I felt like a Pru when I completed writing my first ever blog post). And after two years, I saw that post again and I couldn’t control myself from editing it completely.

The only target was Money when I began to blog. But it was more than that. It took me 6 months to earn my first income online. It was Rs.250 (Approx. $4) paid via PayTM for a sponsored post. Since then, I have worked with a few companies for brand promotion, etc. I have also worked for clients from USA, Canada, South Africa and India as a web designer, WordPress site customization, Google AdSense ad optimization, speed optimization, etc. I have also conducted some giveaways which were sponsored by some brands like EverData and Venngage.

And it took some time!

I have also featured on some blogs including PPC.org as an expert. I couldn’t find all those links, but some of them are given here.

And a few more…

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