AI Image Enlarger: Does it Really Work?

AI Image Enlarger is a tool which is used to enlarge images. This is a life saver for bloggers and many others when they want to enlarge an image without effecting its quality.

Why don’t we try the app? Try AI Image Enlarger free.

Image Credit: Freepik

This is the image uploaded to AI image enlarger.

And it worked!

It took around 20s to get the enlarged file. And this is the file.

Image Credit: Freepik

You will find options like, Artwork, Photo, Face, and High grade. And you should choose the suitable option from it to get the image enlarged properly, otherwise it will provide you a blurred image.

So, we should learn how to use AI Image Enlarger to use it properly and to enlarge images with good quality.

Do you know how it feels when you had to resize an image and it is pixelated after resizing it?

It will take hours for someone who is not an expert in Photoshop. But with AI Image Enlarger, this is easy. You can upload the image and you will get the enlarged image in less than a minute.

Is it Free to use?

Yes, it is free to use. But with some limitations. If you want more features, you can opt for a premium plan that suits your needs.

AI Image Enlarger Pricing

As seen in the image, you can use Free, Premium or Pro plan as per your needs. And you can see the limitations also.

If you have a lot of images to enlarge, then you would require a premium or pro plan. And it is worth the price if you need this feature almost all day or if you require more image uploads.

Also, the premium plan allows batch processing, so, you don’t need to upload one by one. You can upload all images at once and wait for enlarged file to download.

So, have you tried it? If not try it. Click here to visit the site.

Download or Use it Online?

You can use it online or download software and run it on your Windows or Mac OS PC.

I prefer using it in browser as I don’t want to install a software which has a good and working web version.

Should I download it or not?

This depends on how long or how much you are using AI image enlarger. Also, the browser version works better for normal use. So, you can download or use it online.

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  1. Hey Adarsh ,

    Great post with amazing AI-image-Enlarger tool. Thanks for letting us know and making us aware about this helpful tool. As this tool will allow the users to enlarge the images without damaging and effecting its quality.

    It is free to use and also include several options like Artwork, face & photo. Using this image enlarger tool will be helpful for several users and will provide an amazing experience.

    Hope People will enjoy using this great tool.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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