How to Save Leads from Abandonment in WordPress?

Are your customers abandoning the order forms on your site? Are you unable to save your leads? Well, most of the businesses find tackling of abandonment of order forms and saving the leads to be the most challenging task.

Surely it is challenging but not intractable. Saving leads from abandoning the order forms is important. So, here are a few ways you can combat the lead abandonment rates. 


First comes first – Enable follow-up for the partial entries as well

Due to a few circumstances, a lot of people leave the order form in the halfway and don’t complete the entire form. So, capturing these partial entries and following them up can be one of the easiest ways to combat order form abandonment.


There are a lot of WordPress plugins that will help you capture the prospect’s name and email address on the order form. Later, with which you can encourage your prospect to complete the order form.

So, how can you convince your prospect to complete the check out process? Move on to the second step and you will know!

Second, comes second – Try convincing your prospects by sending retargeting emails

Well, if you do not know what retargeting emails are then considered them to simply be the personalized messages to convince your target abandoned customers to complete the order. 

So, soon after you capture the partial entries, to follow your abandoned customers up, send the retargeting emails and convince them to complete their order. All it requires is doing it right. When done right, the retargeting emails prove to significantly reduce the abandonment of order form. 

So, how do you do go about retargeting emails right?

Convincing your customer can be the biggest of all challenges, but when you trigger a few aspects you can surely succeed in convincing them. Some of the ways you can practice to convince your customers are

  • Craft your retargeting emails well with the enticing template.
  • Create a sense of urgency in your retargeting emails telling your customers how they can lose their chance to bag the offer.

Third comes third – Strategically use the exit popup

This can be another great way of combating the order form abandonment. Using an exit popup strategically can target abandoning visitors into customers. Just prompt the customized campaign at the moment your customer is about to leave the site.

Create the exit-intent popups that are optimized for high conversion rates and there you go reducing the abandonment of order forms. 


Fourth comes fourth – Optimize your order forms by A/B testing


Following the best conversion practices alone won’t help you combat the order form abandonment. You are required to test what resonates well with your audience. A lot of WordPress plugins will let you conduct a split test on your forms, but A/B testing is what your forms require.

While the a/b testing is expensive and you when you can’t splurge on a testing solution, you can use Google Optimize which is a free A/B testing and personalization Google product.  With this, you can experiment with your order forms and know what is best for your audience. 

Fifth comes fifth – Try keeping your forms mobile responsive

You never know, how your customer makes a purchase, he/she can make sitting on a couch form their laptop to on-the-go using a tiny mobile device. So, it is important to keep your form mobile responsive and make things easier for your customer in all ways.

Some of the ways you can practice to create mobile-friendly order forms are:

  • Reduce the number of fields as much as possible and try enabling smart conditional logic wherever applicable.
  • Abstain your customers from making errors by creating input masks.
  • Provide label field and add descriptions to let your customers clearly figure out what information is required to be entered in a particular field.
  • When testing your forms, also make sure to try it on mobile devices and ensure they work well. 
  • To help your customers in preventing excessive scrolling use dropdown menus for the fields in the form.
  • The progress indicator can help your customers know how close they are in completing the form.

So, with the end goal of reducing the abandonment of order forms and saving the leads, it is important to make sure that the order form created is optimized for the best mobile experience for your customers. 

Last comes last – Make keen efforts in accentuating form security

About 29% of the prospects leave the forms abandoned because of security concerns. So, if your forms are not secure then the security concern is substantially contributing to the abandonment rate.

So, it is important to state and show you, customers, that their personal information is secured and kept confidential during the process. Some of the ways you can convince your customers that their provided info is secured by adding an SSL certificate to your site and also by making your form GDPR compliant. 


So, these were few among the effective ways to counter the abandonment of your order forms and save your leads. Practising the above tips can surely increase your sales and ultimately result in the growth of the business. WPForms would help you in this.