Create an Order Form in WordPress

Do you want an order form on your website with all payment integrations? PayPal, Stripe, etc. will be there and you don’t need to go through the complex installation to create an order form.

You can also create order forms without online payments. And you need is a plugin, WPForms (You need a Premium account).

Create a Form in WordPress

You need WPForms plugin installed to create an order form.

  • WPForms » Add New
  • Click on Billing/Form template to create the form.
Image Credits: WPForms

When you create a form, you can customize it. You can rename it, add more options to it.

Do you know that you can also give users image options to select which product they are purchasing.

Configure Your Form Notifications

When a customer purchase something from your site, WPForms will send an email to you, or to your team member or to your customer. You can turn it on or off.

Start by clicking on the Settings tab in the Form Builder and then click Notifications.

Image Credits: WPForms

You can also decide what all things submitted in form you want to send.

Configure Your Form Confirmations

There are three confirmation types you can choose from.

  • Message. This is the default confirmation type in WPForms. When a site visitor submits a form, a simple message confirmation will appear letting them know their form was processed.
  • Show Page. This confirmation type will take site visitors to a specific web page on your site thanking them for their form submission.
  • Go to URL (Redirect). This option is used when you want to send site visitors to a different website.

You can use any of these confirmation message types.

Configure the Payment Settings

You can configure payment settings to add online payments. WPForms integrates with PayPalAuthorize.Net, and Stripe payment processors for accepting payments.

After that you can click Save to store your changes.

Add Your Simple Order Form to Your Site

You can add your form in sidebar, page or post using embed option or widget option.

Start by creating a new post or page in WordPress. After that, click inside the first block (the blank area below your page title) and click on the Add WPForms icon.

You can add order forms on your WordPress site now.

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