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A brand needs a logo that speaks for the brand.

Do you have a company or a brand that has a logo that speaks for itself…? Branding takes a lot of time, but when people started to recognize your brand, it will continue for generations.

Do you need any help to identify these logos?

microsoft logo
Image credit: Microsoft
apple logo
Image credit: Apple






I know you don’t need any help to identify who they are. So, are you ready to try DesignEvo and create awesome logos?

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a professional logo making tool, where you can design logos from 4000+ templates or you can build your own from scratch. And you need no logo designing skills for creating logos with DesignEvo.

It works online and you need not download any software. But if you really want to download any, they have some apps for both desktop and mobile devices. If you are using mobile to design the logo, using an app would be better and for computer, I think the web version is great.

When I tried DesignEvo for the first time, I didn’t like it.

I wouldn’t have recommended DesignEvo if I didn’t try it again. Because when I tried it for the first time, I couldn’t find any professional

So, how did I find professional or similar designs the next time?

I did a search…

When you click on Make a Free Logo, you will be redirected to a page where you can find templates based on some categories and each contains more than 20 designs. You can choose a template and build your logo or you can create a logo using DesignEvo.

You can also create logos from scratch if you don’t want any of these templates.

I have used many other software to create logos and I couldn’t find professional designs available in DesignEvo on any other sites. DesignEvo provides the best logos for free. And you should try premium if you want high-quality images.

Features of DesignEvo

These are some of the best features of DesignEvo.

  •  There are many templates and use keywords to find the logo you need.
  • 100+ stylish fonts and icons that are professionally designed.
  • Fully customizable logos.
  • Free and premium plans.
  • You can download vector files and font files.
  • Cloud based, access from anywhere without downloading any software to use DesignEvo.


You can try the free plan, but if you are looking for more features, try using Premium plan of DesignEvo. Free plan has its own limitations as you can see DesignEvo has some premium plans.

In the free plan, you can download the logo giving credits to DesignEvo. And the maximum size you can download is 500px. Also, there is a limit in re-editing and downloading the logo.

In premium plans, you will get more quality images and there is no limit in downloading.

Basic plan doesn’t give you the copyright ownership for your logo, but the higher plan gives you the copyright ownership. And you can download PDF, SVG and font files in the higher plan.

Review – DesignEvo

DesignEvo is great for this price if you could find the logos that you need. You can’t find many logos that look professional in DesignEvo, but they have some high-quality logos. The feature ‘start from scratch’ can be used, if you have a design with you and if you want to build it without using any image editing tools.

Overall, DesignEvo is good online logo maker and worth every penny you pay them.

You need to spend some time there to find logos that you need.

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