Why is email deliverability is no more a hassle for WordPress

WordPress users have complained of non-deliverability of their emails to the customers. For a long time, users could not understand the non-responsiveness of their customers. Later, it was found out that their emails were not even delivered to the recipients in the first place. 

The non-deliverability of emails effectuated into snapped communication between the customers and WordPress website owners.  If your business is facing music due to the same non-sending of email issues, read this post to see how you can prevent this problem. 

Common problems associated with WordPress Email Sending

Some of the most common email sending issues that WordPress users face are the following:

PHP Mail

At times you will see your email function ceased to be available on your hosting. Sending gargantuan bulk of emails may also be hampering the proper functioning of your server. PHP mail works to eliminate both these problems and prevents WordPress email sending issues with your server.

Bad server reputation

This is more common with people who rely on shared hosting. Naturally, all the users of the same server will use the same set of mailing IPs to send an email. A few of the users may intentionally send bulk spam emails and this will end up with your server being blacklisted. As a result, your emails will not be delivered.   

How is an email sent on WordPress?

If you are grappling with non-deliverability of your emails, your obvious query is why your emails aren’t being delivered? That is why it becomes important to understand how WordPress sends emails.

WordPress uses WP_mail which is a function that enables users to send emails through PHP. WP_mail plays a very important role in maintaining the sending flow of emails on and also automatically takes care of all the emails on WordPress. WordPress uses this wp_mail function coupled with 24 other functions within WordPress such as password resets etc. 

Despite the PHP supervising the delivery of emails, they still cannot reach the recipient. Emails you send might end up in spam folders because the email generation process of PHP emails is very similar to spam emails. 

How can you fix deliverability issues?

The best way to make sure that your email reaches the rightful recipient, you must use a dedicated email sending solution. Even if you bank on your host to send emails, you will still face non-delivery problems and lose the trust of your customers. At this juncture, the best way out is using a dedicated email sending solution. 

A dedicated email sending solution will prevent the concomitant problems that come with using PHP Mail. Such an email sending solution will keep host email limits or blocking issues as well as spam issues at bay. A dedicated solution plugs the loopholes that you are experiencing vis-a-vis your email sending and receiving issues. 

So, let us see how you can resolve WordPress email sending issues via a dedicated email sending solution. 

Use SMTP to Send Your WordPress Emails

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is the standard way that entails sending emails via a strict authentication system. This proper industry method ensures correct email deliverability. You can use SMTP plugins to send WordPress emails.

There are other free plugins such as Easy WP SMTP that can be relied upon to configure and send all your outgoing WordPress emails on an SMTP server and not the run-of-the-mill PHP Mail. 

SMTP is a rather reliable method than the ordinary PHP mail. SMTP uses a very simple and straightforward setup process.  You just have to choose the SMTP to provide and copy-paste the details of the recipient. In a fraction of second, your emails will be skidding away from your WordPress website to the inbox of your customers without getting lost. 

SMTP makes sure that the sender of emails i.e. business is recognized by your recipients. This reduces the chances of your email getting junked into the spam folder. 

SMTP’s route emails bypass PHP Mail in toto. You can use different SMTP provider such as Mandrill.

Mailgun is another email automation service provided by Rackspace. It is one of the best email solutions that can completely reverse your WordPress email plane. Mailgun offers a complete cloud-based service that supervises tracking, sending, and receiving emails sent through your websites and apps.

Mailgun works up via email authentication and delivery techniques and seamlessly sends the email to its destination and augments the deliverability rate.


But why hassle with all the setup and related things when you have WP Mail SMTP Pro?

WP Mail SMTP Pro

Credit: WP Mail SMTP

WP Mail SMTP is a great plugin that removes all the glitches you face while sending email to your customers. This plugin improves and changes the task of sending emails from your WordPress site.

It involves reconfiguration of the wp_mail() function and goes on to use proper SMTP host credentials or brings built-in SMTP mail provider. This means such a provider will directly use its API and ensure rightful email delivery. 

Another advantage is that even if your web host is hampering your SMTP ports, your emails will reach the recipients easily and seamlessly.

There are a lot of advantages if I have to say everything. But you can see the best one here.

Credits: WP Mail SMTP

White-Glove Setup:

You don’t need to go through the hassle of setting SMTP on your WordPress site. WP SMTP Pro has an expert team who are ready to take that hassle from you.

Gmail/ G-Suite:

If you are using SMTP, you could be using G Suite also. You can integrate G-Suite with WP SMTP Pro to keep your login info secure.

Connect with other SMTP Services:

We have already mentioned about some SMTP services like MailGun and Mandrill. you can connect with them or any other SMTP Providers.


Beginners, as well as professionals using email on WordPress, have been facing email sending issues alike. But, with the availability of dedicated email sending solutions, such as SMTP, a big chunk of such problems have been eliminated. With these alternative solutions, your emails will no longer get stranded in the middle of land up in the spam, but reach the recipient in no time.

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