Get Your Conversions Boosted Using OptinMonster’s Mobile Exit-Intent

The time has come where light will prevail over darkness. During this pandemic affected time, businesses are running bleak. Even in such a crunch, OptinMonster is giving you the opportunity to be part of a greater cause.

OptinMonster has partnered with No Kid Hungry to spread light during these dark times.

A portion of every sale on OptinMonster will go to No Kid Hungry on 12th May 2020. The good news doesn’t end there. During this sale, OptinMonster is giving a whopping 30% off on OptinMonster’s incredible set of features, including their newest solution: Mobile Exit Intent.

What’s so great about OptinMonster’s Mobile Exit-Intent? Well user behaviour often plays a decisive role in whether your visitor becomes a customer.

You might have a great layout, the best products and much more, but you are up against the big-daddies of the corporate world.

A huge portion of your visitors tend to be browsing using their smartphones, and smartphones do accomodate a responsive page, but very often they exit the pages in an attempt to bring down the scroll bars.

It is here that you might loose your valuable client for a simple technicality issue. But this doesn’t need to be the case for your business.

With OptinMonster and their mobile exit intent, every accidental exit is prevented and the user is directed to the exact action they were planning on doing. This ensures user retention, reduces bounce rate considerably and will definitely increase your conversions.

 Now the sweet thing about this whole thing is the way OptinMonster operates. OptinMonster likes to take care, both of their customers and of kids. With this intention in heart, OptinMonster is giving a portion of their sales revenue to No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry is a charity operating in the US to ensure that no child ever stays or goes hungry. And they have found the best partner they can with OptinMonster.

Every $10 the charity receives can provide 100 meals.

OptinMonster is going to great lengths to make sure that no kids stay hungry. To do so they are giving an additional 30%off on their products to encourage all of us.

Buying from OptinMonster helps manyfold. It will skyrocket your sales and will leave a smile over countless kids faces.

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