Google’s ReCaptcha? Check Out the Popular Alternative: hCaptcha

Ever experienced the bots and frauds spamming your website through registration or contact forms? If you have, then we understand the hassle of you going through finding the captcha services, and if you haven’t then, lucky you or you might have the good captcha service to secure your website. 

Well, we understand how important it is to keep your website secure and free from spam, and the captcha services really do help in blocking the frauds and entering your website through registration forms as they identify the human users and bots.

Although you might have a good captcha service taking care of the malicious traffic on your website, you must be looking for an exceptional one, aren’t you?

Looking for an exceptional captcha service to secure your forms?

WPForms recently improved its built-in spam prevention that protects the forms right out of the box. However, we take no chances with security, and wanting an extra layer of protection with the leverage of advanced AI technology is appropriate by all means. 

Hence, we now have hCaptcha integration in the big picture when one is considering Captcha services to secure their website forms. This new captcha integration is available to all users in WPForms v1.6.4.

Although Google’s reCaptcha is the popular captcha service used by the websites to secure the forms, the hCaptcha has been making waves in the SEO community in terms of securing the forms. 

Well, let’s understand what turned many heads to hCaptcha. 

Understanding the newbie – hCaptcha

Starting off better with the security of forms, the hCaptcha is a free tool that keeps the bots and spam at bay through simple questions in order to evaluate if the user is human or not. The tool is sophisticatedly programmed with machine learning and AI to easily distinguish between a human user and a bot or spam. 

With the advanced features and emphasis on privacy, hCaptcha is now considered to be the popular alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA. Also, the hCaptcha’s privacy policy is compatible with recent regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. 

In case you don’t have a Google account or just want to explore new plugins to keep the spam away from your website forms or to block the malicious traffic through then hCaptcha will help you make your job easier with its all-free service. 

With a lot of people concerned about the security of their forms, WPForms have made it easier to add the captcha services to your forms directly from the settings. The settings option in WPForms now shows two options for you choose from to add captcha services to your website forms either hCaptcha or Google’s reCAPTCHA.

hCaptcha proves to be an ideal option to add to your website forms, in order to give your end-users a seamless experience in filling and submitting the forms. This way you can also keep the information of your users private and protect your forms from spam, bots, and break-ins.

Google’s reCAPTCHA form is one of the basic options to secure your forms, and hCaptcha outsmarts it through its emphasis on privacy. Still, you can have a few elements similar in both the services like adjusting your Fail Message, enabling No-Conflict Mode and also getting the preview of your captcha.

With extra added features, hCaptcha helps you look super professional on your form’s frontend. Also, the captcha button is more detailed and made more crystal clear in the form builder. 

Are you on the fence?

Well, if you are on the fence to make the right choice between reCaptcha and hCaptcha then here’s an extra hand to get off the fence.

Recaptcha is definitely used by millions of users and is a good captcha service for a website. On the contrary, hCaptcha isn’t just good but powerful as well. It fights the bots and spam, and above all, it is not managed by an ad service, which makes it beneficial for the user as well as the business. Hcaptcha allows websites to earn revenue through its service. 

Now let’s hope we cleared the air between the reCaptcha and hCaptcha to make a pretty sure right decision. 

So, if you are looking forward to keeping it simple and easy when creating smart contact forms that fit perfectly right in your website then pick “hCaptcha” as your captcha service and find it in your form builder. After you enable the settings, you can click on the Captcha button found in your form to access its settings.

Voila, your forms are all secured now!

Wrapping up!

So, let’s hope you get the most out of the hCaptcha features in your forms while keeping all the bots and spam trouble away from your website. So, go ahead update your WPForms with this amazing captcha service and keep your website running smoothly.

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