Grammarly Review: Everything You Should Know About

Grammarly is one of the top grammar checking tools designed especially for individuals who aren’t well versed in the English language. It helps the users to check for punctuation grammar and spelling mistakes. 

It comes in free and premium versions, which are useful for people who have a batch of work to check. 

This English language-checking tool allows change of preferences from British to US English and back again.

Here is all you need to know about it.

Who can use Grammarly?

Grammarly’s use isn’t limited to a grammar checker tool. It also works as a writing guide, duplicate content detector, and personal proofreader.

Grammarly is created to help the users write mistake-free, high-end English. It covers almost everything that is included in a grammar and spelling cheat sheet.

The tool is highly beneficial if you fall into any of the listed categories

  • Bloggers and Writers
  • Authors/Publishers who can’t hire a human proof-reader
  • Individuals like Affiliate marketers looking for options to create an impressive copy of their text
  • University librarians and teachers- to check the assignments of students
  • Students to get error free assignments.
  • Job aspirants-for creating error-free cover letters/resume
  • People learning to write better English with a flare.

How Grammarly aids in creating an error-free, well-punctuated copy?

Read on to know about the prime features of Grammarly-

1. Checks Spelling Errors

If you think MS Word’s inbuilt punctuation and spelling corrector, is more than enough for the job, then better think twice. With Grammarly, you can check your writing pattern and get your content checked with one of the top contextual spelling checkers.

The traditional word processors like MS Word’s spelling corrector would fail to notice a number of errors. 

For example, nest and next, effect and affect, lay and lie and other similar words are too complex and can be handled only tools by like Grammarly.

With this tool in use, you can correct thousands of such mistakes in your writing.

2. Detects Repetitive Words

When writing a blog post or a long essay, people tend to overuse a word. Grammarly can easily detect the words used way too often in the article/write-up. Such mistakes would unnoticed by the writer but not the reader. This amazing tool could be your savior here.

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3. Uses Advanced Grammar Rules for Checking the Copy

To write grammatically correct sentences it is necessary to have sharp knowledge of the grammatical rules like article use, subject-verb agreement, and others.

Correct punctuation and grammar are the backbones of super perfect writing (also the secret to getting better grades, winning jobs and business proposals). So Grammarly could come to your rescue here.

This tool points all the errors with green and red underlines. On hovering on them, the error is highlighted and you’ll get a bit of info and suggestions to correct the error.

4. Chrome Browser Extension enhances written communication

The extension of Grammarly saves the users from making any grammar or spelling mistakes in their Gmail emails, WordPress, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and other places on the web wherever writing is involved.

This tool will make sure that the documents, social media posts, and messages are impactful, clear, and mistake-free.

On adding Grammarly to you can create a good impression of your writing and eliminate the possibilities of errors when writing your messages.

On registering yourself with this grammar-checking tool, you’ll receive weekly emails along with your performance stats and personalized insights (which is one of its popular features).

The extension will help, save your time if you are working on a blog post or an essay. Moreover, this online editor allows users to store all of their documents.

5. Real-Time Checking of the documents

You can upload/write a document on the Grammarly editor’s dashboard, and it will check for punctuation, grammar, and other errors instantly. Besides, you can search for the documents to it checked by the tool.

With this amazing grammar checking tool, there is no waiting to make the content error free.

Grammarly for Windows

Grammarly’s native app for desktop offers the following benefits

  • Accessible easily through a Windows application
  • Easy proofreading of a file through the tool
  • Real-time notifications keep the users updated of the latest changes

Other notable features of Grammarly

  • Reports of free performance stats emailed to the user’s personal inbox
  • Double-clicks on the words give access to their synonyms and definitions
  • The option of adding preferred words to the user’s own dictionary
  • Easy, 24×7 access to the documents
  • It allows users to check their social media posts and emails.

How to use Grammarly?

Steps to checking into Grammarly

  1. Open Grammarly by clicking on the Open button. You’ll find it on the Home tab.
  2. The sidebar of the application will appear with various check types.
  3. Select the specific feature as per your needs.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the dashboard once logged in. However, you can find all the necessary details on the navigation bar of the application, but here are the few highlights for your ease.

My Grammarly This part of the Grammarly editors allows the users to upload/create new documents that are to be edited. Users can revisit the older documents, edited previously.

Profile It showcases the account information of the user. You can manage your personal dictionary, change the password, and select the needed writing style (British or American English) here.

SubscriptionThis section of the Grammarly editor highlights the important details of the user’s subscription. You can know about the duration and price of your subscription here.

The Score button- Resting towards the lower right corner of the screen this button features the document’s statistic. You can easily view detailed document statistics with a simple click.

Document type feature- With this feature you can select the type of document you’re working on. The application offers relevant corrections accordingly.

Plagiarism check feature- To enable “Plagiarism” check go to the left-hand navigation bar and follow the instruction to get your document checked.

Download detailed report feature– One click on the “Score” button will give you a detailed report of the check. You can download all the information by clicking the “Download detailed report” button resting towards the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard.

Is Grammarly reliable?

The online proofreading feature of Grammarly is a blessing for the ones who can’t afford to hire an expert human proofreader.

The proofreading of the tool adapts to the user’s writing style be it an academic paper, a novel or a business cover letter. Undoubtedly, it the most trusted proofreader by far that creates error-free cover and assignments.

Grammarly features an automated online proofreader tool that checks grammar and corrects common punctuation mistakes. It even detects plagiarism and generates citations in APA, Chicago, and MLA.

Its amazing features have this top-rated grammar checking and online proofreading tool the choice of millions around the globe.


  • It never lets down in terms of accuracy
  • The tool can potentially check flawed grammar typo mistakes, wrong sentence structure, and spelling errors.
  • It checks the passage thoroughly and comes up with minute errors, which would not be found easily on manual checking.


  • Mostly Grammarly checks basic things, like subject/verb agreement, use of negatives, capitalization, use of prepositions, use of articles, adverbs, modifiers, and adjectives.
  • The tool has its own limitations. It can identify around 250 grammatical mistakes. This means Grammarly might not be a handy tool for grammar Nazis.

Grammarly Price

Grammarly is costlier than other Grammar checking software available in the market. The price of its monthly subscription figures around $29.95 USD, while $19.98/month is the fee for its Quarterly Subscription. You can get a cost-effective plan and upgrade it later when satisfied with the tool’s performance.

Go for Grammarly’s quarterly subscription only when satisfied. You can check a number of early drafts of blogs and articles with this worthwhile plan. In addition, you can check book chapters to make the copy error-free. Grammarly Chrome plugin is highly reliable.

Is it worth it to get Grammarly’s subscription?

Investing in such amazing writing enhancement software is totally worth it. Its super quality tools have everything that one desires in a spelling and grammar-checking tool. This grammar checker is essential for every student and writer indeed.

It is both affordable and useful writing tool. Though the expertise of human proof-readers, remains unparalleled but adding digital eyes on your work will leave you with extra benefits.

With Grammarly, you are sure to get the best value for your investment.


As you can see above, the pros of Grammarly outweigh its cons. Overall, it’s an amazing spelling, and grammar checking tool, rather a blessing for the professional writers and amateurs.

The various amazing analytical tools of this software allow the users to analyze the genre of their document. From checking plagiarism to detecting punctuation errors this English checking software is worth the money price.

Its online one-hour translation tool is yet another amazing feature that enhances its overall value. In a nutshell, it can be said that Grammarly includes the best aspects of English teaching and proofreading.

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