How to Add Easy, Powerful Google Analytics in WooCommerce

Selling something online is not as simple as it may look. We can say, ‘Run ads, giveaways, free coupons, discount sale’ and similar random things.

Do you know why? If you are reading this blog post, I think you will be having an idea about it, Data – to whom we should reach out with our product, where we can sell the product.

And it will cost more to sell a $100 product if you don’t have enough data about where is your market.

And I am not asking to buy some random data like email ids to spam customers.

What I am giving you is a thought about a tool by which you can find your own market and can make sales without SPAMMING.

How to add MonsterInsights to WooCommerce

Adding MonsterInsights to WooCommerce is easy with its addons.

  • Step 1: Install MonsterInsights and the eCommerce Addon
  • Step 2: Enable Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Step 3: Enable Enhanced eCommerce in MonsterInsights

Using MonsterInsights eCommerce addon, you can set up Enhanced eCommerce for your WooCommerce Google Analytics tracking.

To activate the addon, go to Insights » Addons and then navigate to eCommerce.

After activating Addon, we need to enable Enhanced eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics.

  • Go to Google Analytics
  • Select the Website you want to use with MonsterInsights
  • Go to Admin settings of that site in Google Analytics
  • Click Ecommerce Settings under the column on the right
  • Enable Status and Enable Related Products
  • Click the Next Step button
  • Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Settings

Now, go back to the MonsterInsights dashboard in your WordPress dashboard. Go to Insights » Settings and then select eCommerce from the top menu. Now enable the option: Use Enhanced eCommerce.

The addon will now start tracking automatically and you can grow your business.

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