How To Automate Your Work With Zapier And WPForms

If you want to do some automation things with your forms, then I think Zapier always stands at top of the list. It is because of the quality and integrations Zapier is giving for its users like WPForms.

WPForms added new addon to its list and Zapier is one of the best addon they have made. If you have ever managed to do automation with leadforms, I think you know how easier automation is with WPForms Zapier addon, you will like it.

How to install Zapier Addon

If you have installed WPForms, you can activate Zapier addon from it. Once you have activated Zapier addon, go to WPForms – Settings and then click on the Integrations tab.

On this page, you will find your Zapier API key for your website, keep it, you would need it on next page for your automation to work.

Creating Automation

On Zapier you can call the integration a Zap. So, you can create your first Zap there after logging into your Zapier account. You can signup for a free or premium account. Some integrations are available only on a premium account. There are limits in automation with the free accounts.

After you’ve logged into your account, you’ll need to click the black + button in the upper left corner. And it will open a page where you can give a name to your zap. Once you have given a name to it, select WPForms as the app and Form entry as the event trigger. So, when someone fills the form and click on submit it will be triggered.

You can click on continue after selecting the app and event trigger.

You need to connect your website with Zapier. Click on Sign In to WPForms to sign in and connect to Zapier using the API key you got in first page. Also, you need to give them your website URL including the trailing slash. And click on continue.

After your are connected or signed into Zapier, you need to select which account you need to use. Select the account and continue.

Next, you’ll see a Customize Form Entry step. Select the form you’d like to use and click Continue.

And then, Zapier will show you some data to test your connection. You will be given two options, Test and Continue or Test and Review. If you select Test and Review, you will find some data being populated in a moment, so, you can verify the fields and form. Click on Done Editing to continue. And if you select Review and Continue, it will verify automatically and take you to another page, if everything is working properly.

After checking your sample entries given, you will be taken to Choose App & event page, where you will be asked, where to send the data you are sending through Zapier. You will be provided with 100s of apps and services.

The most popular services you could see are, Amazon s3, google apps, Jira, etc. WPForms and Zapier will make automation on wordpress easier for users.

Zapier has many other integrations and you can find everything on their website. Also, you can go through Zapier if you want to use this.

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