How to build a spam free website?

The Web consists of billions of websites. In the eyes of spammers, websites are seen as an opportunity. In most cases, there are opportunities to offer free product promotions. But in some cases, spammers use their spam software to try it out and use game search engines and the like. Many of these spam submissions are done automatically by robots.

Adding reCAPTCHA to your webpage

Verification codes are like security locks for a lot of content. In order for someone to enter (for example, leave a comment), they must first verify that they are indeed human. This verification is usually done through some form of text and letter combination, but in recent years, reCAPTCHA has swept the world. Everyone has seen this widget on the website before.

The following are some of the captcha providers that you can use to secure your website from spammers.

If you don’t want to go through all these and you are a WPForms user, you can use its addon which makes things easy for you.


It is difficult to surpass Google’s achievements in the CAPTCHA department. Their incredible comprehensive spam protection system is world-class. reCAPTCHA uses things like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and in some cases even your Google history to detect whether you are a robot or a human. However, there are some disadvantages: 

  1. It may take 4 or 5 attempts to solve a captcha.
  2. Might destroy the user experience (UX).

reCAPTCHA is a free service that protects your website from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to prevent automated software from participating in abuse on your site. This is done to make it easy for your effective users.


CleanTalk is proud to be a universal way to stop spam. Rather than forcing you to mess with individual settings, the plugin automatically defends your most popular forms from spam. So, e.g. Registration, Password, Feedback, Contact, eCommerce applications, and various plug-in types. One plugin will help you combine security against spam with more than 50 + different plugins. The upside here is that no additional tasks from the user will be enforced by CleanTalk. Rather, using a time-tested algorithm, it operates intuitively in the context. You’ll be able to look through all attempts at authentication and submission forms.


Akismet was launched two years after the launch of WordPress and has since evolved into a leading spam protection plugin for WordPress bloggers. In fact, this is the default spam protection plugin that comes with all WordPress installations. Keep in mind that Akismet has moved to the advanced mode in recent years, but you can still use the free version for personal sites. It’s not clear why Automattic decided to do this, but obtaining an API key is still relatively easy. And it’s free. Now, for its part, Akismet is not itself a true captcha solution. It plays a much bigger role in preventing spam. Still, the value gained by adding it to your blog is huge.


VisualCaptcha is a visually orientated captcha program that focuses on basic design and user interface. Therefore, one of the core values is protection and ensuring the content remains spam-free. Best of all, this project is open-source. So you can delete, change and do all the rest without a commercial license. The existing features support mobile devices, screens that are ready for retina and are extremely accessible. VisualCaptcha is designed to support the most popular languages, including common frameworks and libraries, to add this to your project. The framework also has a number of community-driven forks. If you’re mainly a Laravel developer, for example, there is a package to add visualCaptcha to your project. The same applies to jQuery, Angular, and other common libraries too.


Captcha bank is the plugin to look into if you seriously consider shielding your WordPress site from spammers. The free version is more than enough to keep spammer in line, even while it’s split into premium and regular versions. You get access to text-based captchas, logical captchas and things such as throttled login efforts in the standard version. Most modern attacks have been motivated by brute forces these days. Bruteforce is when someone is constantly trying to devalue a user’s password to crack your login page. Through limiting the number of attempts which a single user can use to log in, Captcha Bank can prevent this. Especially, this plugin keeps logs on your site for any suspicious activity. So you can scan logs to verify whether the user is malicious at some stage if you have a problem at some point. IP addresses can be blocked one at a time. There are a few bonus features you’ll get if you go to the premium version. Namely, users ‘ filters and those who don’t have to solve the captcha. In addition, common plugins, such as BuddyPress and WooCommerce will be supported. You can still enforce these theoretically without charging, but if you want your protection to be improved then the premium version is mandatory.


So while we have mentioned that CAPTCHA systems have limited options, here is definitely ample diversity. Most have become familiar with reCAPTCHA, but work on a personalized project can make you more inclined to take some of the most interesting choices in this list.

All should take their security on-site seriously. This goes without saying. A spammer is stopped by a CAPTCHA, and other attackers are blocked. But I would suggest looking at other options if you would like to improve the safety of your WordPress web site or any other way.

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  2. Hey Adarsh,

    Excellent post with effective tips to build a spam-free website. It is my first time commenting on your
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    Now a days spammers are increasing day by day. Spammers are truly harmful for websites as they
    reduces the website quality, ranking and bring it down, hence it is really crucial to secure the website from spammers.

    Including reCAPTCha to webpage, Installing an Akismet are an effective ways to safeguard the website and keeps it spam-free. Including reCAPTCHA and installing akismet will provide a helpful security to our website and makes it secure from spamming. Clean-Talk and visual-captcha also works well.

    Your all the suggested tips are effective and will allows several users to crate a spam-free website.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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