How To Connect Contact Form To Email In WordPress?

The contact form to email is one of the most powerful yet simple WordPress plugins that can create the contact form and even send the data email address. It can save the contact for data in the database while giving the printable report and the facility of exporting the chosen data to CSV/Excel files. If you are keen on learning the right way to make a Mailchimp contact form in WordPress then surely you will have the best of your journey. With a Mailchimp sign up form to the site, you can grow the email marketing list and even have a bigger number of followers.

Install and activate the WPForms plugin 

The very first thing you need is to install and activating the WPForms plugin. When you are on the WPForms, you must further click on Addons and find the Mailchimp addon and later get the installation and activation of the Mailchimp addon done. Right after the WPForms Mailchimp addon is active, you can then go on the WPFroms and then create another new form. Once the whole setup screen is done, you can name the form and then choose the Newsletter Signup Form template. You can also enable the enhancement feature of GDPR that is available for you to comply well with the GDPR that will be quite easy.  Once you’re done customizing your form, click Save.

Connect Your Form to Mailchimp

You can then connect the newsletter signup form with your Mailchimp. For this, you need to go to the Marketing section and click on Mailchimp. Further, in the market settings, you need to click and add some new connection. There will be another ox that shall pop up in which you need to give a name to the connection. Once the name is entered, you can then add the Mailchimp API key that is available through the Mailchimp account sign up. For this, you need to go in the Profile » Extras » API Keys.

  • Once the API key is entered
  • Choose your account of Mailchimp
  • Select the list of email you want the people to get added once they subscribe
  • Choose the email address dropdown and other fields that you want to add to your mail chimp account
  • Allow the conditional logic.
  • Let the site visitors choose the mailing list if they wish to join and then save the settings.

Configure Your Subscribe Form Notifications

With notifications, you can send email as and when you want after the form is submitted on the site. Usually, when sending the email, the WPForms will automatically do it unless you disable the form of notification. You can also use smart tags to send the form notification or add the email address of the member so that email can be sent.

Configure Your Subscribe Form Confirmations

Conformations are the best way by which you can let the visitors know quickly about their form submission. There are different confirmation types from which you can make your choice.

  • Message: Such type will show the simple message once the site visitor would submit the form
  • Show page: Such type will take the visitor to the webpage on your site where they can see a thank you message from you.
  • Go to URL (Redirect): Such type of confirmation would send the site visitor to another website that gives an idea that the form is submitted.

Add the Subscribe Form to Your Site

Cone the Mailchimp subscribe form is created, you can then add it to the site. With the WPFroms, you can add the forms in different locations which include pages, blog post and even the sidebar widget. You can always start by creating a new post or the page in WordPress and then add the form button.

You can then choose the subscribe form and then click on add from and then publish the post so that your Mailchimp subscribe form will be on the website.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are much more cellar on how you connect the contact form to email WordPress, it is time that you create yourself a bigger list of email and improve your business. If you have Mailchimp you don’t have to look anywhere else to grow the business marketing list.

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