How to Connect WordPress Website Leads and Salesforce (CRM)

Getting leads is one of the important aspects for any website or online business and converting those leads to customers is another crucial task. So, the WordPress Website leads are recorded in the forms, when the visitor fills them and this information is copied to the Salesforce CRM to convert them into customers through interaction.

So, these entries are added to the Salesforce CRM manually or through the paid service. When an admin manually records the entries in Salesforce, there are chances of errors and typos, whereas with the third party services the leads confidentiality might be at risk. So, the WPForms has recently introduced an addon that can ease out these tasks without any frets by automating them with integrated security and is turning many heads of the online business owners.

About Salesforce add-on

Are you still manually copying data from the form entries to Salesforce? That must be tedious. isn’t it? but no more! Put your fingers at ease now with this Salesforce addon for WPForms. So, with this addon, we are basically bidding adieu to manual admin and bringing automation into action. This addon will help you send entries from WPForms to Salesforce automatically.

This addon is a trump card for both the ones using man force or third-party services to add data from forms to Salesforce. It’s the ultimate option to save your time and money. Now that we know how this addon is a game-changer and let’s understand how it works.

The very first thing we will look into is automating the creation of Salesforce objects. If we want to create the objects in Salesforce every time the forms are submitted then here’s how you can get that done automatically in WPForms. To automatically create Salesforce Objects you need to select the object you want to create in the settings for the form.

For instance, you can create a new lead from every single submission or use the internal form to add new Salesforce accounts quickly. That’s one way to get started with the automation and improving your stats with this addon. Once you start using this addon, you will find a myriad of ways that can result in a faster and efficient workflow. The possibilities are endless.

When you chose the object you want to create, just map the fields in your form to the similar fields in Salesforce. That’s how you easily get the entries added and accounts created, all automatically. For your convenience, this addon also allows you to control or restrict the entries that don’t fit the bill. One can use the conditional logic to send only the entries you want to, to the Salesforce.

And voila! The entries are sent to Salesforce without any manual efforts.

Connect any WPForm with Salesforce – Flexibility is the catch here!

Another interesting thing about this addon is that you can connect any WordPress form to Salesforce CRM. Also, you can add multiple Salesforce accounts. This whole flexibility aspect of the addon gives the total control over where the data is saved. Talking about the security, the Salesforce API is used behind the scenes to securely send the form entries to Salesforce CRM.

Now is your turn!
The Salesforce addon is available for the WPForms Elite customers and they can use this right away to automate their tedious tasks of manually filling the entries to Salesforce and get leads. This addon will not only reduce the workload but also help you invest your efforts and time on potential areas of enhancements. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your WordPress Website leads connected to Salesforce and automate your tasks.

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