How to connect WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress

Before you start with the process of connecting WPForms and Sendinblue in WordPress, you must first make sure that WPForm is rightly installed and is activated on the site of WordPress. 

Right after the WPForms get installed and you have the licensed verified too, it becomes easy for you to get the installation process of the Sendinblue addon done, and then activation is quick too.

Steps to Connect the Sendinblue Account to WPForms

You must first install the Sendinblue is which once activated would help you connect to the account properly. For this, you have to visit WPForms ยป. there will be a settings section in which you have to click on the tab of integration.

Once you go on the option of Sendinblue, it would be easy for you to go through the settings expansion. This way, it would be a lot easier for you to process further and then click on the button called Add new account. This way you would be able to enter all your account information in the right manner.

  • Add new Sendinblue account

Once you would be able to fill up all the details, you shall be able to see two fields in which you have to add your API key of Sendinblue account. Along with this, make sure you enter your nickname account too.

  • Connection fields in Sendinblue

Now moving further, to find out the API key, you have to first log in to your account of Sendinblue. Once you log in, you need to then go ahead and click on the primary menu. Moving further you see API and SMTP on which you have to select.

  • API option in sendinblue

Once you select, it would be simple for you to see the API key. Go ahead and then grab that value. Get back to WPforms Settings. Make sure you paste the key of API in the field that has been called the Sendinblue API Key.

Moving further, you must add the nickname in the field of the same name under your Sendinblue Account. Please note that it is used only for reference purposes. But you can also find it helpful later for deciding on how to connect the Sendinblue additional accounts.

Right after you have your account nickname enter, you need to then enter the next level for which Connect to Sendinblue button by clicking.

There will be WPForms connected to the site on your account of Sendinblue. Once it gets finished, you will be able to see the green status of the connection right to your integration of Sendinblue.

  • Time to add Sendinblue Integration to Your Forms

Once you are connected to your account successfully, you are all set to add the Sendinblue to the firms, for this, you must make a new form. In case there is an existing form, you can edit that as well.

There is a form builder section, in which you need to go to the marketing section and then in Sendinblue. In the tab of Sendinblue, select the Add new connection button. Once you click on it, there will be an overlay that shall open. You can then create a nickname for this connection.

  • Add a nickname connection

If you have more than one account of Sendinblue, that is connected to WPforms, then you can even choose the account that you want using the Select account drop-down section. In that action, you need to choose the select section on the name and then use it for submitting the form.

Right after you select the action to perform, there would be additional settings that actually would populate for doing further configuration.

Its then time to configure the settings of subscription in the Sendinblue:

  • For Email: *Choose the field of WPForms that shall have the email address of the subscriber
  • In the List: *Choose the list of Sendinblue that you would want your subscriber to be added to

In case you want to make further changes there are Custom Sendinblue fields for it.

Once the whole configuration is done, save the form and you are all set to use Sendinblue addon with WPForms.

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