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To be able to accept payments online must be simple for everybody, regardless of what payment platform you wish to use on your site. So, people are happy to declare that the Authorize.Net addon is present. You can at present create Authorize.Net payment forms that accept credit cards on your website in WordPress easily.

So, let us leap into what this new shiny add-on indicates:

Simple Payment Forms Integration

Authorize.Net is a recognized payment processor that deals with the compliance of billions of transactions in aid of more than 430,000 merchant customers. The Authorize.Net addon is at present available! This indicates that you can utilize your Authorize.Net account to get card payments on your portal by means of your forms with WPForms.

The WPForms + Authorize.Net integration offers you access to some unbelievable, user-friendly features to keep sales on your website flowing effortlessly.

Some great features that come with this add-on comprise of:

  • An enormously simple setup
  • Go mobile and accept payments anywhere, anytime, on all devices
  • Capability to accept all-important card payments online
  • Sell products and services with recurring or one-time payments
  • Use Authorize.Net’s bespoke advanced scam recognition
  • Allow Conditional Logic to make your payment forms professional and change better

To ensure you get the maximum out of utilizing Authorize.Net, it has been made super simple for you to make a payment form in WordPress. In this manner, you can get donations or online orders on your online portal in some clicks only.

All that you require doing is to get started turning on the Authorize.Net addon is go to the payments tab while getting a form edited. After connecting your account, you will have an Authorize.Net permitted form that is all set to take payments from your customers straight on your website. 

How to Make an Authorize.Net Payment Form in WordPress?

Step 1: Activate and Install the WPForms Plugin

  1. The primary thing you require doing is activate after installing the WPForms plugin.
  2. If you require a hand with this step, jump over to this starters’ guide to setting up a WordPress plugin.
  3. Once you have WPForms activated, you will also want to activate and install the Authorize.Net addon.
  4. Now click WPForms on the left of the WordPress dashboard. Click Addons.
  5. Look for the Authorize.Net add-on and tap on install, after which on Activate
  6. Before setting up Authorize.Net, quickly check that the payment settings are set up in the manner you want them in WPForms.
  7. In the WordPress dashboard, click WPForms » Settings, then click on the Payments tab.
  8. Choose the currency you want to use from the Currency list here.

Step 2: Get Your Authorize.Net Settings customized

  1. In a new tab, log in to your Authorize.Net account.
  2. After you are logged in, ensure you are in Live mode.
  3. You can click the switch in to alter the setting if you require to
  4. Look at the sidebar for Account. Then click Settings.
  5. Under General Security Settings, tap on API Credentials and Keys.
  6. Copy the API key and switch back to your WPForms tab. Check you are still on the Payment tab here. 
  7. Paste the key into the API Login ID box
  8. Click Obtain, then New Transaction Key. Then click Submit.
  9. Authorize.Net will send a PIN to your email. Paste the PIN from the mail and click Verify PIN.
  10. Copy that key and turn back to WPForms and insert it into the Transaction Key field.
  11. Click on Save Settings

Step 3: Create Authorize.Net Payment Form

  1. If you have a form you can open up that form in the WPForms builder now.
  2. If you do not have a form, you can create a simple order form, or use a template.

Step 4: Customize Payment Form Settings

  1. Click Enable Authorize. 
  2. In the Payment Description box, enter the words that will appear on your customer’s credit card statement.
  3. You can choose Email to have Authorize in the Authorize.Net dropdown Payment Receipt.Net sends an email receipt.
  4.  In the dropdown of Customer Name, choose Name to have the name of the customer related to the payment.

Now, you can publish your form anyplace in WordPress devoid of using any code. 

These are some tips to follow to create payment forms for

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