How to easily set up a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress?

Are you fidgeting on the browser looking for easy ways to set up a Google Analytics Stats Dashboard on WordPress? Fidget no further, here you will get to know the easy-peasy way to add an Analytics dashboard for WordPress along with a brief understanding of why you need one for your WordPress and how it benefits you.

So, let’s get started with a brief explanation of why you need to add a WordPress Analytics Dashboard.

Why one needs to add a WordPress Analytics Dashboard?

You might have already figured out the need by the word Analytics, but then a comprehensive understanding always sounds better. So, Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used website analytics services out of various website analytics services available out there. It provides you with detailed reports about the metrics of your site, its traffic, and behavior.

Elaborating the context, let’s have a glance at in what way adding a WordPress Analytics dashboard helps and/or benefits us or say, why can’t we just try out the traditional method of installing the Google Analytics in WordPress. (Watch out with the traditional method folks!)

It’s because you have a lot of cons coming with it, like the process of installing is quite tricky especially for the beginners, you always have to visit the separate website to view the reports and might miss out the important traffic changes sometimes.

And lastly, though you can find every bit of information on the platform, you might find it overwhelming to dig around reports manually and might get lost in the vast platform.

So, you surely don’t want to face that hassle, right? And that’s when you need the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress. Having one can solve all the problems and gives the full-fledged navigation access to quickly view the site stats and metrics. 

Clear with why you need that smart dashboard for your WordPress website? So, let’s move ahead to our core interest in adding the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress in the easiest way.

A step-by-step guide for adding the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Hold on a moment, before you turn bundle of nerves with the idea of getting your hands dirty with coding and other technical stuff, you should know that you don’t have to fret about being a coding expert to add the WordPress Analytics dashboard to your website.

All you need is an already created Google Analytics Account and MonsterInsights, which is a user-friendly Google Analytics plugin that makes the installation and using of the Google Analytics in WordPress super simple and beginner-friendly.

Now, that you got the insight of the sources you need to add the WordPress dashboard, let’s hop on to the process of adding it.

  • Firstly, you need to visit the MonsterInsights website, download the plugin and then activate it. 
  • Post plugin activation, you will find an “Insights” menu added to your WordPress panel, from which you need to navigate to the settings page and enter the plugin license key. 
Image Credit: MonsterInsights
  • Now, click on the “Connect MonsterInsights” below the license activation field to connect your website with the Google Analytics account.
Image Credit: MonsterInsights
  • The action will redirect you to the Google Accounts page, sign in to your Google account with which you created the Analytics accounts. 
  • Allow MonsterInsighst to access your Analytics account, select the profile of your website, complete authentication to get done.

Voila, you are done with the setup process and soon you will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard.  

Now, before you hop to the new tab to get started with the process of adding a WordPress Analytics Dashboard, spare a few minutes to learn how this plugin can improve your marketing strategies. 

The MonsterInsights adds two WordPress reporting dashboard widgets, one is the MonsterInsighst Dashboard widget and the other is the MonsterInsights Custom Dashboards. 

The former one makes it easy to view the important stats of your site at a glance. It shows the overview of the site including the pageviews for last 30 days, bounce rate, top posts, average session duration, etc., that can help you analyze the success rate of your website, while the latter one comes with the beautiful custom dashboards allowing you to view the site’s complete analytics of reports.

The dashboard portrays the complete activity report of the website that will help you optimize your strategies and implement the ones that will bring in the potential success rates. 

A word to the wise

With this, we can clearly figure out how MonsterInsights can make life easier. It makes installation and adding Google Analytics easier. It empowers us to configure the site metrics on our own, besides this, it helps us make better decisions and implement the wiser marketing strategies to improve the stats and contribute to business growth.

So, look no further, head straight, install MonsterInsights and get that smart Google Analytics Dashboard for your WordPress website. Why wait to make life easier?

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