How to Easily Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics

If you are a content creator or have a business that needs to track the lead sources in Google Analytics but not sure how well to use it, well then this is the right place where you have come up. Using a lead source can help you in many ways. When it comes to tracking down the visitor’s location, you can always use a lead source. Before you understand how you can use it, you must have clarity of what exactly is the lead source tracking.

What is Lead Source Tracking?

It is one way to understand where exactly the lead coming from is. It helps to monitor the location from where the leads are coming in and contributing to the funnel of sales and marketing. This way, you can take the right action of moving the lead towards a certain stage and thus make a better growth in your sale as well. With lead source, you can also understand when your prospect is turning out to be one loyal customer. This way you get a better scope to turn a visitor into a customer but only if the lead quality is quite high. This way, you will be able to understand the source of the lead and you shall also be able to monitor from where exactly the sales are coming and decide on what should be the next stage that needs to be planned out.

How to use lead source tracking in Google Analytics?

In order to get the important data, you must first log in to your account of Google analytics. For this simply log in either through MonsterInsights or Google analytics. Once you are logged in, go to the Acquisition section where you can see all traffic and select the channel option.

Once you can see the report of web traffic, you shall even see exactly what kind of channel is basically driving most of the traffic on your site. Suppose, whether it is an organic search that has got most of your visitors it simply means that people are the ones who are at your traffic because of the search engines. 

There is also scope for you to get in much detailed report for which you must go in the source Medium section which you can find under the tab of all traffic. This would restrict down the traffic source with the channel.

Tracking source from a certain page:

If you want to understand at the certain page then for this you simply just log in to your account, go in the section of Behaviour. Under that, there is a site section in which you can find content. You shall have the option to see the traffic sources for each page on the site and even on the landing page and exit page.

Look for the traffic sources in the WordPress

The best part about this is you don’t really need any kind of coding to be set in your WordPress site. Besides, it is quite easy to see the traffic sources on WordPress if you use MonsterInsights. Google Analytics however is the right WordPress plugin you can choose. Using a plugin, you can simply add the google analytics on your site and it shall show the report directly within the dashboard of your WordPress.

Reviewing the report:

Once you login to your account, you don’t have to create another one. Simply go to the insights section and choose the report option. In that, there is an overview section that you must choose. You shall then see an overview of performance for the whole site. Right after the whole overview report is ready, you will be able to compose messages and create campaigns and content depending on the different countries that your use shall be based at.

Final verdict:

There are many ways by which you can create a strategy for selling the product. You need to understand whether the prospect is right suited for the business or not. Besides, a lead source can help you with every fine detail that is needed for the right assessment of the marketing campaign’s value and even part of the right lead management. If you use the right practices you will be able to gain better returns out of it.

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