How To Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

Are you using Google Analytics on your website? Is it CCPA compliant?

Google Analytics is a most used tool by everyone to keep track of their visitors and site performance.

And Google Analytics works with data collected from users, and you should make sure your website is CCPA compliant to stay out of troubles.

What is CCPA?

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a data protection law in the United Stated which went effect from January 1, ’20 and will be enforced from July 1 ’20.

This is related to the data privacy of citizens of California. An organization should be transparent about data they collect, how it collect and where they use it.

  • Right to be Informed – The users have the right to know how the website will collect, disclose or share the data.
  • Right to have Data Deleted – The users have the right to get it deleted.
  • Right to See What Data – This includes the data collected about a user in the past 12 months
  • Right to Equal Services and Price – Websites aren’t allowed to discriminate against consumers that exercise this right and should be given same price and service as other consumers
  • Right to Opt-Out – People can opt-out from websites selling, renting, or releasing their personal information to third parties

Who should be CCPA Compliant?

If you are a small business, you don’t need to be CCPA Compliant. If your site meets these conditions, then you should be CCPA Compliant.

  • Your annual gross revenue is $25 million or higher
  • If your 50% or more of your annual revenue is from selling consumer’s personal information
  • You buy, receive, or sell personal information of 50,000 or more consumers, devices, or households

The penalties for violating the law is high and you should try to be CCPA compatible.

And how do we make Google Analytics CCPA compliant? For every business or website Google Analytics is needed, because you need data to run your business. And some changes can help you make Google Analytics compliant.

How to Make Google Analytics CCPA Compliant?

This will be easy for you if you are using MonsterInsights and its EU Compliance Addonaddon.

When you install the addon, you can

  • Anonymize user’s IP address in Google Analytics hits
  • Disable UserID tracking on Google Analytics
  • Disable demographics and interest reports for advertising and remarketing in Google Analytics
  • Automatically disable author tracking Google Analytics and custom dimensions addon
  • Enable ga() compatibility mode
  • Allow AMP addon users to agree with the Google AMP consent box before tracking their data
  • Easy integration with CookieBot and Cookie Notice WordPress plugins

Step 1: Install MonsterInsights and its EU Compliance Addon

You can install and activate addon from Insights » Addons » EU Compliance

Image Credit: MonsterInsights

After activating the addon, go to, Insights » Settings » Engagement and you will find EU Compliance.

You can disable those Google Analytics tracking features to make your website compliant.

Step 2: Create an Opt-Out Consent Box

You have to create a consent box now. It is to compliant for CCPA. Users can opt-out from site collecting data about them. You can use plugins like CookieBot which can be integrated with MonsterInsights to create a consent box. It will also create a Do Not Sell My Personal Information document which you can link to the site to compliant with CCPA.

Step 3: Update Your Privacy Policy

Users should know if you are collecting data and they should know how you will be collecting and using it, And how to see what is collected or how to remove what is collected need to be in this page.

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