How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics

Do you know how to share Google Analytics Data with someone without sharing your account or giving them access to it?

We will tell you how you can share Google Analytics data without giving them access to your Google Analytics.

Why would someone share their Google Analaytics Data

You would need to show people your Google Analytics data to convience them what you are doing or to get a customer.

  • To share reports with your customer

If you are running some ad campaigns on your site for an advertiser, you would require to share Google Analaytics report with them, which is essential sometimes to keep them your side.

  • To share with team and other department

You would also need to share data with your team members to keep them updated about it.

How to Share Google Analytics Reports

All you need to share Google Analytics without sharing account access to someone, is MonsterInsights.

  • Get Weekly Website Stats with Email Summaries

You can enable email summaries in MonsterInsights, so, you can send email summary of your analytics data every week. The report is simple to read and understand. It helps you keep an eye on how is your website performing, so you can make data-driven decisions.

You can see it in the settings page, Insights » Settings » Advanced.

Image Credits: MonsterInsights

You can add uptop 5 email addresses there and also, you can add your custom branding there.

  • Export Your Google Analytics Reports as PDFs

You can export your analytics data to a PDF without going through an hour of formatting the PDF, because when you use normal print option, there would be some formatting differences.

With MonsterInsights you can export the analytics data to PDF and share with your customers. You will see a button to export in the MonsterInsights reports page. You can click on it to download it and share with anyone you want to share it.

  • Give Permission to View Google Analytics Reports

You can also control permission of users who need access to Google Analyticcs from MonsterInsights.

Go to Insights » Settings » Advanced and you will see Permissions, from where you can control what the user can see according to their user roles. You can use this when they need more than what you can provide without access to it.

  • Share Google Analytics Reports in Other File Formats

You can also share annalytics in many other form ats like CSV, etc. and for that you can export it from Google Analytics. You can export almost every reports by clicking on export button in top right corner of the page.

Download and share it with anyone you want to share it.

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