How to Quickly Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress

If you are using GTM or google analytics you should know about Google’s new tracking code system. If you check your site where you have installed any of the Google’s tracking code, you could find gtag.js, which has been upgraded now to send data to all your Google marketing tools.

You can upgrade your tracking code in a single click using MonsterInsights.

Start using Google’s new tracking system

If you are an existing MonsterInsights user, you can directly upgrade to new tracking code in a click. And this would be a limited time option for users to upgrade directly to new tracking code. And all your custom code and events will be taken care of by MonsterInsights.

I think this is a huge update from Google and this would be the same for MonsterInsights as they are working to make this change quick and tension-free for their users. Also, they are working on shifting all users to a new tracking code system.

And you will like this update for sure, because you won’t be asked to add multiple codes everytime to use a Google tool on your website, which will help you increase your site speed.

If you are using MonsterInsights, you can start using this feature.

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