How to track file downloads in Google Analytics

Do you run a website that requires you to provide downloadable files to your audience? If yes, then you must definitely be in search of the ways to track those files. 

Be it a URL of a video, or an eBook, tracking those files will be of great help to improve your webiste’s content. MonsterInsights has turned many heads in the context of tracking file downloads in Google Analytics. Stick till the end to get a brief explanation on why you need MonsterInsights to track file downloads in Google Analytics, how to track them and other details.

Let’s understand why should you bother to track file downloads!

File downloads gives you the insights of your potential audience and also helps you analyze if your provided resources are being consumed or not.

So, when your website is offering downloadable resources, you will certainly need to know if they’re actually being downloaded by the audience or not. It lets you discover how useful or popular your downloadable resources are and helps you save your time and efforts in producing only the files required.

And unfortunately, you can’t look upto Google Analytics for that as it doesn’t support file downloads automatically. So, in simple terms, Google Analytics neither records the file downloads nor tracks them.

Here comes the savior, MonsterInsights!

With MonsterInsights you can easily track the file downloads in Google Analytics without getting your hands dirty with code.

Sounds good right? Now let’s dive into the next segment that describes how to start tracking your file downloads on your WordPress website.

Getting started with the tracking of file downloads On Website

  • Set up your Google Analytics in WordPress properly using MonsterInsights.
  • After complete setup, the file download tracking is automatically enabled.

Leave the rest on MonsterInsights, you don’t have to wonder or struggle with further configurations.

Extensions for little extra benefits!

MonsterInsights by default lets you track the file extensions such as doc, ppt, pdf, zip, xls, docx, xlsx, and pptx. But if you need more then adding up other extensions in MonsterInsights will help you out. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to Insights and click on “Settings”.
  • Select “Engagement” found on the top menu and find “File DownloadS”.
  • You will see the default extensions here, now add more to it to track all sort of files on your website.

Time to view the File Downloads!

Now that your tracking is setup, let’s understand how you can view them.

In WordPress

  • Go to Insights and navigate to “Publishers Report” from “Report”.
  • Scroll down to find your downloads.

The report summarizes you the top download links on your website that can help you create the similar content for your audience.

In Google Analytics

  • Log onto your Google Analytics account and select the website.
  • If downloads tracking as pageviews is enabled then you can find your download reports by navigating through Behaviour >> Site>> Contnet>> All pages.
  • If downloads tracking as events is enabled then you can find your download report by navigating through Behavior>> Events. For a detailed report click on “Top Events”.

Perceiving the File Downloads Tracking with MonsterInsights

Your file downloads are categorized as “Download” in your events report. There are many other important components in your Event report like

  • Event Category: Here, file downloads is categorized as “DownloadS”.
  • Event Action: Here, you can track the file using the full URL of the file.
  • Event Label: It is the label of href attribute.

Voila, that is all you need to know to track the file downloads in Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

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