How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best options to use for showing the customized text within your campaigns. All you must do is use its Smart stages feature and let the magic do its work. It is now possible to personalize your campaign’s marketing using dynamic smart content. This way you can increase the conversation at the same time improve the engagement rate as well.

What exactly is Smart Tag?

Suffice it to say for the first-time user, this question is quite common to pop in the head. Basically, it lets you add up the dynamic text which you can add to the campaign. Now you may think what can you do from it? Well, it is possible to now call your visitors by their own name that too on your site. This gives more like a personalized effect. You can also make the dynamic content look so unique that every time a visitor comes in, you will be able to offer the data as per their interest, name and even the products which they had purchased earlier. In short, this is one of the best ways to make up website personalization.

Features you can enjoy with Smart Tag:

  • Dynamic Text Replacement for site personalization

Dynamic Text Replacement is one of the primary features of the Smart tag. This means you can use it in your marketing campaigns which can be quite easy and even cost friendly no matter whether you have a small size business or the mid-size one. The best part of this feature is using the merge tags in your campaigns just the way you can use them in your email for the personalization of the content.

  • Dynamic Text Replacement on eCommerce 

Another best part of using the smart stage is to use it for eCommerce. By this, it simply means you can now have the attention of the shoppers by simply addressing them by their name. You can also display their city, certain date and many more. This eventually would also lessen down the abandonment of the shopping cart. With more than 6% of the people who prefer to put the items in their cart often don’t make the purchase. This can be like a loss of money. That is when Smart Tag shall capture those shoppers and display them some great deals so they can buy them.

  • Dynamic Smart Content for Publishers

These days since online services are growing to a great extent, even media and bloggers are looking forward to earning the attention of the visitors and make them stay on their site. That is when they can use the smart stage to their content so they can stay for long. The smart tag displays the dynamic content to the person who wishes to read the content of interest.

  • Dynamic content tool for reducing the bounce rate

This is one of the best features that you can choose since it helps to reduce the bounce rate and improve the metrics of the enhancement. It creates personalized marketing campaigns that are designed for every evictor. Right after you create a campaign, you can use its customisation feature for the text with the help of smart tags. 

How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster

  • In order to add the Smart Tag, you must go through certain steps such as:
  • Adding or editing the element in the campaign building
  • The go in the text element edit section
  • You then have to choose the curly braces which looks like { }. This would help you select the predefined Smart Tag
  • It is time that you tag Braces and chooses the smart tag that you want
  • This would then get added on its own to the text field editor
  • Done forget to put the date on the Smart tag
  • You can also define the value which you shall be used for the smart tag in case the stage is not able to find the right information
  • Now you can tag with the default
  • Since the process is finished, you can then save the changes
  • As the campaign goes live, the smart Tag shall then get replaced with the dynamic value


Keep in mind that every Smart Tag in order to work fine must have two opening curly braces and even closes with two curly braces. This makes it easy to understand which content must be replaced in the campaign.

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