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How To Keep Ahead of Competition Using Content Marketing

How To Keep Ahead of Competition Using Content Marketing

The competition is increasing day by day. And how can we beat the competitors today?

Everyone is familiar with the old tricks, and you can’t survive with the old tricks that are being used by your competitors.

We need something better and more powerful to exist and to beat the competition. And that is Content Marketing, the powerful and new strategies of content marketing can help to beat the competition.

You should tell your customers that how can your products or services can improve their life or business. Be unique in your way, and you can see you are standing out of your competitors and you are far ahead of them.

Do Research On Your Competition

You should be the first one to know about your competitor’s strategies. How to spy on your competition?

  • Follow them on their social media profiles.
  • Subscribe to their updates.
  • Use online tools (Ahrefs is my choice in that).
  • Be the first to read their new post.

Following them on social media will help you find their content promotion techniques, and you can apply the same or something better after that.

Some of them might be using specific #hashtags, and some others might be tagging influencers in their niche. So, there are many strategies for content promotion. It may work or won’t work for you, but you still can try.

Subscribing to your competitor’s updates is what works great if your competitor is good in content marketing via email. You will be notified about their new posts and you can write a better content than them. You can plan better content marketing techniques if you find what your competitors are following.

Using a tool like Ahrefs makes the process quick and you can spy on your competitor better. It helps to find your competitors’ best performing posts. So, finding the one that works for them and creating better content to outrank them and win the competition is made easy with Ahrefs.

You can find your competitors’ contents that attracted the,

  • most number of social shares.
  • most number of backlinks.

The tool can help to win the race and plan even better content marketing strategies.

Build a Brand & Make it Stand Unique

Why a brand and why it should be different from other brands?

People trust brands and they become the brand’s customers if the brand stood out of other brands. And what you should do for that?

  • Engage with your customers/followers and understand what they expect and give it to them.
  • Tell them why you are better or how you are different from other brands.
  • Give required attention to existing customers.
  • Give your customers some offers they love.

Social media is the best platform for every brand to engage with their customers. Instagram, Facebook, etc. have different features that can help you grow your market if used properly and with care. The live feature is awesome and it can help you to engage with your customers and it creates a trust in your market. Because by interacting with customers, you showed them that you value them and their opinions. Also, they are now aware that your customer service is available for support. And it’s how you can grab a market.

Just don’t copy everything, understand your customers and create your products for them. And that’s how you can stand out of the big brands. Inform them about every change on your product and how you are trying to make it better and serve your customers better. You gain love and market at the same time here.

Finding new markets is great, but don’t forget your existing customers. Don’t leave them, because your competitor may target them. Existing customers are more important than the new market (if they really love your product/services). And give them some offers, they will love you even more and will stay as a loyal customer. Love them, they will love you too!

You should know your customers before you market your product. Everyone may not love everything. So, know your customers and find the best market for your product.




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