Monster insights black Friday sale

Are you into MonsterInsights to keep your WordPress website up and running fine? Well, no matter if your answer is yes or no! There is a little blackfriday surprise for you at the end. 

So, if you have a WordPress website for your online business, how many times have you wished to have more details about the visitors visiting your website? That’s beyond numbers, isn’t it? Well, to ease things up the Google Analytics brought comfort by providing the valuable insights of the visitors. But what if you are a newbie on WordPress grounds with zero experience in analyzing the metrics? And, then comes MonsterInsights as the savior by presenting these important data in simplified format to easily understand the metrics all at a glance. It has the simplified illustration of right data for and answers for each question you might be wondering about. 

A brief dive into MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is one of the most popular Google analytics plugin for WordPress. With two million active installs and 34 million downloads, it ranks 13th best/ popular WordPress plugin of all the time. 

Considering the functionality of this plugin, it allows you to add, customize and manage the Google analytics, eventually making the process of tracking your website simple, easy and faster. 

Here are the convincing reasons for you to get MosnterInsights now.

  • It provides you with the details of formats and topics for the content that is more relevant to your audience, or that your audiences really love to read.
  • It helps you design focused marketing strategies for your audience to find your website easily.
  • It improves your audience reach, converting them visitors and the customers. 
  • It prioritizes confidentiality and doesn’t ask you to connect to nay third-party accounts other than Google.
  • It enables easy importing and exporting of reports, if you want to store your website analytics data on your system. 

With many other benefits, MonsterInsights is just what you want to improve your online business. To your convenience, It is available in both limited free and paid versions. If you were to access the perks of MonsterInsights to the fullest then paid version (pro verison) is the best. The  pro version is quite expensive with the cheapest option costing $199 for 1 site. 

But you don’t have to fret, when the little blackfriday surprise is here!

The Black Friday sale!

MonsterInsights is offering upto 70% off on purchasing a pro version. The sale runs from November 23rd to November 27th, 2020. This year sale is a tiered approach based on license type, more features, higher the savings. Also, apportion of the Black Friday Sales goes to the charity “No Kid Hungry”.

Use  Black Friday specific graphics and banners in your MonsterInsights affiliate dashboard and MonsterInsights Brand Assets [] . Also, don’t forget your affiliate link! The offer also features 5 free bonus prizes and a chance to win free Macbook Air. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

A quick installation help!

Once you get your MonsterInsights for your WordPress website, the thought of installation and setup might bother you if you are a noob. Well, we go you covered.

Unlike the tedious setup of Google analytics, MonsterInsights takes few minutes and clicks to get it all done.

So, before you install the MonsterInsights plugin, create a Google Analytics account. Once you are done with the Google Analytics setup, you can proceed with the downloading or installation of MosnterInsights plugin from WordPress plugin repository.

After the installation, the plugin creates an “Insights” menu on the WordPress admin.  Go to the settings and click on “Authenticate with your Google Account” to configure the plugin, then log in to your Google account and select the “Property” you want to link to your website. Create one if your don’t have a “Property” for your website and continue.

Voila! There you are with the sophisticated WordPress website analysis setup!

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