MonsterInsights: Must-Have Google Analytics for your WooCommerce

MonsterInsights is regarded to be one of the most famous Google Analytics plugin meant for
WordPress. It lets you easily connect your WordPress account or site to Google Analytics in a
matter of just a few minutes. It also assists you in ascertaining how your visitors are able to find
your site. This way you can see that they are coming back at your site, regularly.

There are almost 16 million downloads overall, making MonsterInsights the most popular and
useful Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. About 1 million of businesses trust
MonsterInsights from all over the world which includes Bloomberg, PlayStation, Coca-Cola, and
many more.

Some of the core features of MonsterInsights include-

The Google Analytics setup is really swift and easy. It helps you in keeping your tracking code
even while you are toggling between your different WordPress themes. You can also check the
real-time stats in your WordPress dashboard. It makes you view trending posts, pages, and
referral sources at ease.

MonsterInsights also provides its users with Pro-advanced features, getting them even
powerful analytics.

Their main features include-

It provides Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking. It’s a comprehensive Google Analytics tracking
meant for WooCommerce and easy digital downloads store. It helps in tracking ads with Google
Analytics. It also enables file download stats within seconds. You can get author reports, custom
post type report, SEO scores report, and every custom dimension tracing possible.

MonsterInsights also lets you control the performance rate and sample rate for your Google
Analytics report. You can easily track affiliate links and other rebound links useful. Furthermore,
it allows you to track Google AMP websites. It’s everything within a matter of a few clicks. That
being said, MonsterInsights is a must-have Google Analytics for your WooCommerce.

Major reasons your website needs MonsterInsights eCommerce

It’s pretty obvious you want your website to be at ease. It’s better when you use an Analytics
plugin like MonsterInsights. Let’s discuss why you would need a plugin like MonsterInsights-

An easier set up of Google Analytics

Trust us when we say this. MonsterInsights is the best plugin when it comes to the setup of
Google Analytics. It can be really tricky and time-consuming to set up Google Analytics if you
are not a techie. But with MonsterInsights, it’s just easy and swift.

You don’t have to be an ultra tech-genius for it. MonsterInsights makes it so easy that you just
have to make a few clicks and you are done. You can easily connect your website with Google
Analytics without going through the hustle-bustle of coding.

Influences Advanced Analytics Tracking Features

Want to track the number of Analytics on your website? MonsterInsights is your answer. We
know it’s a petty task to set up basic Analytics tracking to assemble data like sessions, page
views, and followers, bounce rate, etc.

But the basic set up doesn’t let you facilitate enhanced tracking reports lie eCommerce
tracking, form, and download tracks, etc. Let’s hear an example. You need to allow eCommerce
tracking with no plugin and then you want to add some additionally tracking code on your site
all by yourself.

What could go wrong? Just one thing, a minor mistake can cost you your entire Analytics data.
But with MonsterInsights, you have nothing to worry about making mistake and twisting your
data as you don’t need to touch any code while you’re doing the setup.

Some of the amazing tracking features that you can facilitate with MonsterInsights are-

  •  E-commerce tracking: It lets you enable eCommerce tracking for your WooCommerce
    or Digital Downloads store.
  • Ads tracking: You’d surely want to make more money by placing ads on your site. Here
    with MonsterInsights, an ad tracking is easy and with just a few clicks.
  • File download tracking: You can easily check on how many times your users are
    downloading your files. What could be better than this?
  • Custom dimensions: Easily track authors, categories, tags, comments, searches, logged
    in users, etc. on your website as you’ll get custom dimensions for your website.
  • Google AMP tracking: MonsterInsights lets you enable Google Analytics tracking on
    your pages with enabled Google AMP.
  • Facebook Instant Articles tracking: It also lets you track your Facebook Instant Articles
    with just one click.
  • Forms tracking: Easily track all your online forms with Google Analytics and collect data
    like form views, submissions, and conversion rates.

Furthermore, MonsterInsights also lets you enable Google Optimize and you can initiate
conducting A/B tests on your website.

Make Conversant Decisions

We know that Google Analytics reports are inclusive, but we cannot deny that they can be
devastating at times. That being said, if you do not have any expertise on Analytics, you will
definitely find it a bit confusing and tricky to make informed decisions from your given Analytics

Managing a website is not an easy task. It’s pretty clear you want to make conversant decisions
for your business and you need to master the art of getting the right stats that actually would
be fruitful to your business and leave out those stats that might turn out to be devastating for
your business.

Here MonsterInsights comes to your rescue. The best feature about this plugin is that it lets you
figure out the most important reports that actually matter to your business and provides them
in a very easy format which is quite understandable.

Even if you are not a genius in Analytics, you can still make your right decisions that’ll have a
great result on your business with MonsterInsights.

Your Analytics reports are right on your WordPress Dashboard

What’s better than having everything right on your dashboard? MonsterInsights provide you
with your site’s overall performance right at your dashboard. You can easily check out how your
website is doing and you don’t even need to log in to your Google Analytics every time you
need to know your stats. Just a glimpse on your dashboard and you’re good to go.


All in all, MonsterInsights is a plugin you must definitely have for your website as
MonsterInsights eCommerce add-on lets you add Google Analytics eCommerce tracking to your
WordPress, WooCommerce, MemberPress, and Easy Digital Downloads store.

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