Scroll Depth Tracking in WordPress with MonsterInsights

Scroll depth tracking is being increasingly employed by websites to understand more about their customers and improve their customer service. The data generated by scroll depth tracking helps you zero in on the parts of your website which lure most of the customers and what factors make them lose interest.

Such information can help you improve your website big time and you can expect your efforts to mature into fruition sooner. 

The need for Scroll Depth Tracking

The obvious reason why users scroll down your website is to have a look at the content below the preview screen. That is why scroll depth tracking becomes important as it helps you understand user engagement with your content.

Additionally, it doles out other useful information about the visitors on your website and makes way for improving pages for optimal length. For instance, you can get to know what content users like the most, what makes them exit your website, what is the average user scroll on your website, etc.

Clearly, such silos of information prove extremely useful when you wish to understand your customers and deliver them exactly what they want. This information can help you optimize your pages for better user engagement and higher conversions.

Google Analytics and Scroll Depth Tracking

You must have heard about the wonders of Google Analytics by now. It is a free web analytics tool offered by Google that gives information about your website visitors. It will tap on a lot of useful information such as visitors’ age, gender, interests, what is their location, what pages they visit, how far down they scroll on the pages of your website and what not! Basic information like top pages, total page views, the total number of visitors, etc. will be at your disposal with Google Analytics. 

If you want to use advanced tracking options to get other crucial information such as scroll depth, eCommerce tracking, file downloads, event tracking, etc, you will have to set up custom tracking on Google Analytics. 

But setting up advanced Google Analytics is an uphill task and entails technical skills. The technical complications have foiled the attempt of even the most skillful developers. But, there are some easy WordPress plugins that can do the job and can help you track advanced scroll depth with Google Analytics. 

Google Analytics’ MonsterInsights

If you are wondering what plugin to use on your WordPress, then MonsterInsights answers all your queries. MonsterInsights is Google Analytics’ most popular plugin that boasts a gargantuan number of installs.

Once MonsterInsights is in commission, you can easily install Google Analytics on your WordPress website without using any code. As and when a visitor scrolls down the page on your website, MonsterInsights will track it with the help of Google Analytics. It will show visitors at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

By giving such details MonsterInsights helps you delve deeper into the website’s progress and lets you analyze what factors can orchestrate into increasing the traffic of your website. You can also use robust tracking abilities such as eCommerce tracking, scroll depth, file downloads, forms tracking, affiliate links, etc. and all without coding. 

It has a default setting of scroll-depth tracking which dispenses with the need of configuring different settings. You just have to install and setup the MonsterInsights plugin. Follow these steps and you will be ready to get insightful details about your customers. 

Step 1: Install MonsterInsights plugin and activate it.

Image Credit: MonsterInsights

Step 2: Once you have activated it, move to Insights>>Settings Page>>Engagement Tab. After you click on the Engagement Tab, you will find the scroll tracking option enabled by default. 

Image Credit: MonsterInsights

Users can also see their scroll tracking stats and other stats under the WordPress admin area. All you need to do is go to Insights » Reports » Publishers. Here you will get the MonsterInsights Publishers Report. You can also go the “Interests” and to see the scroll depth data.

This data can be put to optimal use and create more conversions for your website. It throws light on the areas of your website where visitors are more interactive and what content they are reading. With this information in your hand, you can decide your next course of action. 

Once you set up scroll tracking with MonsterInsights, you will be able to see the reports in your Google Analytics account too. Just login to your account on Google Analytics and go to Real-Time » Events and view your real-time scrolling data within the last 30 minutes.


MonsterInsights is the most complete Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that is helping websites improve their business. It is the most recommended plugin to track user interaction on your website.  You can even upgrade to the premium version to unlock more powerful tracking features of MonsterInsights.

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