Stripe: The Most Popular Online Solution [and WPForms!]

We have already written so much about WPForms and it’s addons – You can trust WPForms like we do here.

And this is another post related to the same WPForms, but I will be introducing a new and much-awaited addon in WPForms, Stripe addon.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment gateway system – Best Online Payment gateway. I stressed it because I had tried some other networks recently and Stripe and Razorpay was the best among all of it.

The processing fee for payments are not so high and you can read Stripe review here.

Stripe is known for its simplicity. It is easy to integrate Stripe with any platform.

Stripe addon – WPForms

The thing I like about WPForms is that we can do almost everything that is required in a website using WPForms plugin and addons. And Stripe Addon is one among the most popular WPForms addons.

All you should do is, setup WPForms and create forms. After that, you can install Stripe addon if you are a Premium Member (At least Pro License) of WPForms.

A user can make both one-time payment or recurring payment. All you should install is Stripe addon for WPForms.

Image Credits: WPForms

As shown in the image, you will see all the transactions in your dashboard. There will be an icon (recurring payment or refresh icon) shown for recurring payments.

You can view or delete those transactions from there in one click. Also, you can find more details by clicking view on a transaction you want to know more about.

  • Transaction ID:¬†information about the actual payment that was processed
  • Subscription ID:¬†details regarding the recurring payment
  • Customer ID:¬†information about the customer who made a recurring payment
Image Credits:WPForms

You can switch to your Stripe account dashboard by clicking any of the links. You will find it seamless to use Stripe with WPForms.

And if you are looking for something different, you can have that also. Because there is conditional logic in WPForms which can help you do what you want.

Grab it!

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