How to see the keywords people use to find your website?

You never know what words people use to find you or your business, but surely you can figure out a few words that associate to your business’s niche. So, most of the times we need those essential keywords people use to find our business or website, and Google Search Console is the reliable tool one can use to discover the keywords people use on Google to find a website.

If you have a WordPress website, then MonsterInsights plugin helps in connecting your Search Console account with the Google Analytics and view all the keywords related to your website inside your WordPress dashboard.

Hold on! Before getting into details of how to see your website related keywords in MonsterInsights, let’s understand why we need to track the keywords our website is already ranking for? Yeah. We already use the keywords to get into top search results, so why do we have to get the analytics of the keywords people use to find our website.

Understanding the crucial keyword concept for our website

Keywords are important to get a good rank on Google and easily be found by the search engines and audience. In short, it’s all the SEO game. Search Engine Optimization is the vital concept of the whole ranking and being found by the audience scenario. 

SEO is nothing but making your website optimized and satisfying all the search engine needs. If your website is SEO optimized then your website surely ranks high on Google and returns your page in the top search results. 

When you are already aware of what keywords or search terms are driving the most traffic to your website from a search engine then you can get an insight about your website’s performance on search engines. With these insights you can also check if your SEO endeavors are well an enough or your website or not by comparing the targeted keywords with the actual top keywords for your website. 

If your targeted keywords math with the actual keywords then your SEO strategies are well an enough for your website, or else you need to gear up with your SEO settings. And the first one you need to begin with is to see what keywords or search terms audience use to find your business or website. 

How to find the keywords people use to find your website?

As mentioned above, the Google Search Console is the most reliable and best platform to view the search keywords people use on Google to find the website. Google Search Console is the online marketing tool offered by Google to monitor a view of the site’s performance on Google. 

On the whole, there are three ways to find the keywords used to find your website using Google Search Console.


  • Using MonsterInsights to view the keywords on the WordPress Dashboard. 


Here we use, the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin to track your website’s traffic, user’s interaction on your site and easy report representation. To view the keywords you need to follow the steps below.

  • Firstly, install MonsterInsights on your website and connect it with the Google Analytics Account.
  • Buy at least the plus plan, as search console report isn’t available in the basic plan.
  • Add and verify your website on Google Search Console using Google Analytics account. 
  • Soon after adding the site on search console, you can view top 50 search terms o your website in the MonsterInsights reports. 
  • Navigate to Insights and reports from your WordPress Dashboard, where you can see the website’s analytics overview report.
  • Navigate to Search Console tab on the top to view the top 50 search items for your websites. 

And if you click on the View Full Queries Report button at the bottom of the report then you will be directed to the Google’s Analytics website. From where you can navigate through the Analytics -> Acquisition -> Search Console -> Queries, which in short is the second method to view the keywords on Google Search Console.  

Moving on to the next method….


  • To view the website’s keywords in the Search Console Account


If you want to in and view the most search terms or keywords used to find your website in Search Console Account then follow the steps below. 

  • Sign in to the Search Console Website with your Google account.
  • You will be directed to the Search Console Home page with the list of websites.
  • Select the website you to view the keywords for, to see a Search Console Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Search Analysis through Search Traffic.
  • Scroll down to view the list of keywords people used to find your website. 


Of all the three methods mentioned above to find the search terms, people use to find your website, the method where MonsterInsights is used proved to be the easiest and convenient one, as it shows the data directly on the WordPress dashboard and is much comprehensive.

For advanced and in-depth competitive analysis

Google Search Console is a free tool to view your website’s search analytics, but if you are ready to splurge on a tool that helps you perform organic research, keyword research, keen competition analysis and improve your website’s SEO then SEMRush is can be of great help. 

In order to get started with SEMRush, follow the steps below

  • Go to the SEMRush website and enter the URL of your website.
  • Click Start now.
  • The overview report of the website is displayed including all the organic search, backlinks, paid links, etc.,
  • Now you need to go to the Organic Research menu to see all the organic keywords and their search position on Google’s results. 

Bottom line

So, let’s hope you found help to find the keywords used by the people to find your website. If you are not willing to spend a penny on this task then the first method of using MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin is the best method to go with, or if you need the best analytics report then SEMRush is the better option.

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