Top 10 Website Resolutions for the New Year

After the pandemic crises that hit in the year 2020, there is no doubt that all businesses are now trying hard to gear up and get back in the market in full swing. Certainly, every corner of the industry has got a major hit in the pandemic crises but if you are planning to make 2021 better yet bigger then you must have some better New Year resolutions too.

That is why; here are few things that you need to understand when you are focusing on the business. These ways can help you boost your website and you shall have the best comeback with a good range of readers reaching out to your site.

User engagement is important once you start with your business. That is when you can blend your new strategies with MonsterInsights who can help you track down the website status and measure it overall; to understand how it is working.

With these tips your business can grow and using MonsterInsights you will understand whether your content is being read, whether the buttons and links are being clicks, or whether the exit button is the straightway being used.

  • It is time for blogging

This is one of the strongest ways to grow your business. It gives great benefits and you can even grab the attention of a major number of sites. Besides, it allows the visitors who have good content to create the brand and have a strong authority established too. 

You can use blogging and set up Google Analytics with the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. This would give you clarity on the site traffic by giving you a comprehensive report.

  • Data-driven decisions

You might want to set up Google analytics that MonsterInsights that comes with advanced features like custom dimensions. This can give you a better understanding of visitors interacting with the site.

Google Analytics can help you get the data that is available enough for making a decision. This way you don’t have to keep guessing on which strategy would work and which may not.

  • Suite optimization

DO you know that 51% of the traffic usually is received from the organic search as compared to other platforms? You may want to consider in your new resolution list to have a goal of better SEO so that your site’s visibility will be improved. You Use MonsterInsights top 50 Google search terms within the admin area along with average position and click-through rate

  • Create an email list

You must also focus on making an email since email marketing is one efficient way to promote offers, send important messages to the target audience can let the users know about the blogs, products, and new releases too. 

OptinMonster can help you save time on improving your email list. It is known as a conversation tool of optimization and lead generation too.

  • Improve social media following

Social media has been an important asset for most of the business this year. If you are not using it to prominent your business on platforms like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube then probably you missing the best mode of interaction with users and customers.

Social media can help you build awareness and get better leads for this you can always rely on MonsterInsights.

  • Focus on competitors too

Don’t just underestimate your competitors. It is better to make a business New Year resolution that has the aim of focusing on your competitors and stay ahead in the age.  MonsterInsights brings the best of SEO tools for uncovering the top organic and also the paid keywords along with the best of traffic sources.

  • Create an efficient customer support

Having the best customer support can give your clients a better platform to trust and have a good conversation with you. This would lessen down the cart abandonment. Help them in assessing your products and services by choosing the best MonsterInsights chat software and plugins.

  • Mobile-Responsive Site

These days with the increasing use of a smartphone, mobile users have increased too. That is why focus on creating the Mobile-Responsive Site so you don’t lose traffic at the same time has better search engine rankings. The best way is to create it using AMP or accelerated mobile pages.

  • Better speed of Page Load

Mobile responsiveness is needed and you must have a good loading site speed too so that your SEO, sales, and user experience will not get affected. Use MonsterInsights to see load times and get the Site Speed report to understand the whole desktop and mobile scoring.

  • Set Realistic Goals

Considering last year’s performance as a benchmark, it is time to focus on achieving better targets and grow the business every quarter. Suppose in the previous year you had 10000 visitors then make it a resolution to grow 20000 visitors this year.

Google Analytics by MonsterInsights can help you understand how well every quarter you are performing.


For website owners, having a count of the traffic and view on the website is an important part of the performance. The site visitors need to stick to the site and stay engaged and that is when the level of traffic shall affect.

With the tips shared above and using the track user engagement solution by MonsterInsights, you can have a clarity of the website precisely.

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