Must Use Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser.

It is fast (I know, it eats a lot of RAM) and efficient with a lot of features. The chrome extensions are the super awesome feature of chrome browser.

I am using a bunch of them now. It really makes work easy and faster.

We manage several blogs including business blogs and there are deadlines for every job. We should complete the work before the deadline. And these extensions helps in saving time and to complete the work before hitting the deadlines.

I am sharing the list of awesome Chrome Extensions for bloggers, so you can also stop hitting the deadlines and be productive than before.

Save To Pocket

Quickly bookmark the best sites you found online and access it from any device signing in on Pocket.

You can save any link by clicking once on the save to pocket icon. All the links you saved will be available in the Pocket dashboard.┬áPocket is not meant for saving the page for offline reading. So, you need a working internet connection to access what you have saved. You won’t miss any awesome things online due to lack of time after installing Save to Pocket extension on your Chrome browser.

Evernote Web Clipper

This is something similar to Save to Pocket, but a bit more useful for those who want to read offline. The page would be completely saved for offline reading, that is, if you saved it once, you don’t need to go to that webpage again to see it. Remember you need a working internet connection to go to Evernote and sign in to access the Evernote dashboard.

There are some limitations to the free Evernote account, but it is still useful for bloggers.

Hunter-Find Email ID Of Any Webmaster

Outreach made easy with this awesome Email Hunter Chrome extension. The free version of this tool is enough for normal users. You can the email address of webmasters associated with a site using this email hunting extension.

You can also see the confidence level indicated in the image. It means that it is that percent sure that it is the email id of the webmaster of that specific site.


If you are a blogger, you should take good care of what you write. Posts that are free of mistakes are more likely to get shared and read by many users. And no one can improve English in a day.

Even experts may make mistakes while typing. So, what are you going to do? Proofreading blog posts every time may not be possible, so here’s the tool for you.

Grammarly makes it easy to write better content without errors. The extension helps to fix errors while writing blog posts, email or social media posts. You can read our Grammarly Review for more details about Grammarly.


Buffer makes social sharing easy and saves your time. You can share the link to your favorite social media platforms with a single click on it. Using buffer, you can schedule the time of sharing the link and it helps you to keep your audience updated on time for free.

Be Limitless

You might need this if you are not as productive as you used to be. It will show you how much time you have spent using different sites. And it is a reminder that helps to increase your productivity.

And you will see this, every time you open a new chrome tab. You can complete the works assigned to you on time if you have this extension installed on your browser.

Now, shorten your long URLs and share everywhere you want. Also, you can track the number of clicks and source of clicks if you are signed in to You can sign in to your account. Links created without login

Google Publisher Tools

You can now keep track of your AdSense, Double click, Analytics account. This is an official Google plugin.

It adds an overlay on your ads and shows the ad size, advertiser, and other details. You can also block any advertisers directly from your site. It makes the process easy. As it is an official plugin, it is safe to sign in and use it.

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

There are many tools to find the position of your site in Google in different locations. This is an extension to check the position of your site in the search engine on different keywords. You can check the ranking in different locations.

This free extension currently supports only Google now.

Express VPN

Living in the digital age means our privacy is no longer guaranteed with government and corporate tracking everywhere.  The ExpressVPN Chrome extension allows you to browse without these fears, while also enabling you to circumvent geo-restrictions and even stop WiFi-based hacking.

Chrome is superpowered by many extensions and many of us are not using it. Try these plugins and let me know, how it helped you.

Do suggest the plugins you are using in comments. #Share #Comment.

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