Using E-mail Marketing To Give Your Sales An Extra Thrust

How would you like the idea of getting a $32 return on a $1 investment. Sounds too good to be true? Well the truth is it is a proven fact if you are using the right tools for converting your potential subscriber to a customer.

What is this magic tool then, well it is a quite familiar tool and most online business owners may still be sceptical about the whole idea, it is none other than e-mail marketing.

As I mentioned just above, most online business owners may be quite doubtful about the e-mail marketing scheme. It is totally justifiable because they all have been using the wrong tool for an awesome strategy.

So then what has suddenly changed that has made e-mail marketing so worthwhile. Well it is the holy grail, the perfect combo of two awesome tools, ActiveCampaign and WPForms Elite.

The next possible question is indeed, “isn’t WPForms Elite expensive“. This question is the result of an age old concept of “quantity is everything“. Actually smart business owners have realised that it is quality not quantity that matters most.

To put this into perspective let’s analyse the scenario where a huge number of low quality traffic and a handful of high quality traffic. In the first case the majority of that bunch is “window shopping” on your website but you are paying top dollars for them. In the second case the few subscribers who actually care do get inside your shop, and voila! you have a customer.

So then what makes ActiveCampaign so competent when it comes to E-mail marketing.

Well ActiveCampaign works on a four step converting strategy.

  • Awareness and Intent:
    • Subscription forms
      1. As your forms work out to be good conversion tools you have better leads.
      2. Four purpose-built forms to choose from
      3. Customise your fields
      4. Forms that show up at the right occasion
      5. Hassle free addition of forms to your website
    • Site Tracking
      1. Don’t lose your customers out of sheer neglect
      2. With this tool you are essentially serving your customers what they intend and the immediate result is a guaranteed sale.
    • Facebook Custom Audiences
      1. Tailor your FB ads that convert to leads and then sales.
  • Nurture and Educate:
    • Predictive sending
      1. Automate your engagements with a predictive mail release at the right moment
    • Dynamic Content
      1. Serve your visitor’s eyes the contents that they like and relate.
      2. Dynamically adjust the images and messages in your mail
    • Email Segmentation
  • Convert and Close
  • Support and Grow

With a trial on the offer list you can definitely see if ActiveCampaign is a tool that fits your workmanship.

Moving on to WPForms Elite we can see that the services on offer is not shying off from ActiveCampaign.

It is here that an online business owner should think outside the box and merge his preferences accordingly.

WPForms is one of the most powerful form builders out there and as such a tool combined with an equally competent tool for the same target will result in your sales skyrocketing.

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