Why Are My Emails Not Being Delivered?

Having a website is a lot of work to do. You need to promote and market it properly. Without that, there is no use of having a website. Now, if you own a website and are promoting it aggressively, you might be receiving various inquiries based on your business.

Well, the problem here is that certain emails are not delivered to you properly. If that happens, you might be losing out on a lot of business. Also, you are not giving a good impression to your clients as they might think that you are not responsive enough as a company.

Apart from that, it is also a possibility that your emails are not being delivered to your clients. In that case, also, you are losing a lot of business as those promotional mail campaigns mean nothing if the clients do not see it at all. 

This thing is normally common among WordPress websites with Amazon SES. You need to have proper plugins so that your emails are not blocked or undelivered. The perfect thing for that is the WP Mail SMTP. It is the perfect plugin for the website.

Usually, without WP Mail SMTP your email can be blocked by the server. There are chances of the mail going to the spam folder as well. This is because the mail server might think that the email is malicious or hazardous.

This is because you might not be regularly sending emails to that particular address or they might not be subscribed to your mailing list. This is the only reason that the server identifies it as spam.

Is your WordPress site not sending emails?

There are various WordPress websites that are facing this issue daily. Normally, many businesses believe in cold pitching by fetching data. In this case, the server sometimes blocks them. There are many WordPress users who have also claimed that emails are not being delivered to their existing customers as well.

In that case, you need to opt for the WP Mail SMTP setup which fixes the email deliverability issues. This plugin will fix various issues at once. Some of them are:

Fix your WordPress mail problems

The rise of top-notch spam filtering has made it very difficult for the business to run email marketing campaigns. It is really tough to land in the client’s mailbox. You have to configure your emails properly. Well, but then also you might sometimes lose the space in the mailbox and land in the spam folder.

If you want to avoid this, then you must switch to the WP Mail SMTP setup on your WordPress site. After that, your mail deliverability issues will be definitely solved for good. 

Stop your mails from being marked as spam

You put in a lot of hard work in curating an email campaign. A lot of thought goes into that. Now, if those emails are marked as spam, you will surely lose the motivation to keep going. Hence, if you do not want that to happen, then switch to WP Mail SMTP. 

This is because emails are authenticated properly with the help of WP Mail SMTP and hence, they will always land in the inbox only. The emails will be configured properly and will also be recognized as legitimate and hence, they will pass all the spam filters. 

Send secure emails

Your emails are not being delivered because they are not considered secured by the email server. If you want them to be secured, then WP Mail SMTP is the right choice for you. They actually integrate with all the best SMTP providers while establishing a secured connection with them.

It does not matter the number of mails that you have to send. With the right provider, you can ace all your marketing campaigns in the budget.

White-Glove setup with support

Not everyone who owns a WordPress website is a developer or technical expert. For those people, installing WP Mail SMTP can be tough and confusing. Hence, they provide a top-notch support staff that will guide you step by step in installing the whole plugin. 

Various SMTP Providers

WP Mail SMTP has partnered with various providers. Some of the famous ones include:

  • G-Mail or G-SUITE
  • Amazon
  • Mailgun
  • Office 365
  • Outlook.com
  • SendGrid
  • All the other SMTP Provider

Hence, you have ample of options when it comes to using WP Mail SMTP. The amazing part is that you can fix all your email deliverability issues at once. The plugin has various plans which can suit everyone’s needs. 


Your emails are not getting delivered because of the spam filters. Also, they are not configured properly. Installing WP Mail SMTP will surely change the game for you. It is super easy to configure and has a clean interface.

Also, it has support staff at your rescue. Hence, nothing can go wrong after installing the WP Mail SMTP.

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