How to make WordPress Donations Easy for your customers?

Sometimes we receive donations and generating revenues is the primary goal of our website. Integrating payment gateways and accepting donations sounds to be a complex setup to make. It actually is for the newbies. But let’s not consider this to be impossible. In fact, achieving the goal is whole easy process than it seems. 

Again when it comes to accepting the payments, you have two different options available, one-time and recurring. Recurring payments are most benefitting. But why?

 Let’s get into the little brief of why accept the recurring payments.

Benefits of accepting recurring payments through your donation form

  • Acquiring a new customer costs five times more than marinating the existing ones. When the existing customer is given an option of paying regularly for products and service, you save efforts and money. 
  • With recurring payments, you can repeat the business and maintain a long-lasting relationship with your potential and target audience. 
  • Your business can generate steady income when preferred to accept recurring payments or products, services, subscriptions, and memberships. 
  • Accepting recurring payments can boost your sales and give your business an ability to scale. 
  • Accepting of recurring payments do not ask or much efforts and make things simpler and easier for your customers too. 

Now that you got the list o convincing reasons to accept the recurring payments. Let’s know how to make WordPress Donations easy for your customers. 

Step 1 – Creation of WordPress Form

  • Firstly, you will need to install the WPForms plugin and activate it. WPForms using Stripe allows accepting the recurring payments on your forms.
  • So, next, we will need to install activate Stripe.
  • Navigate to Addons from WPForms and find the Stripe addon. 
  • Now create a new WPForm.

Note: Here we are creating an online donation form that allows the audience to make a one-time donation or recurring donations.

Step 2 – Time to customize your WPForm Fields

  • You can add or delete fields in the WPForm as per your requirement. If you want to add a field drag from left hand panel to right hand. 
  • You are also available with the option of rearranging the order of fields by dragging them upward and downward. Click on the field to make the changes.
  • Since we are using the Stripe to accept payments, you need to add two additional fields in your donation form.
  • A credit card field
  • A single item, multiple items or dropdown items
  • Let your customers know how much they are being charged in total before submitting the form, by adding a Total field in the form. 
  • When you are done customizing and forms look good then click on save.

Step 3 – Get the payment settings configured

  • From Stripe navigate to Payments and configure the payment settings, to ensure your form is all good to accept the payments.
  • Check the box labeled Enable Stripe Payments and give your payment a description.
  • Also, select the Email as the option to receive the Stripe Payment Receipt. 
  • Now, if your form is to accept one-time payment, then you are all good to go and add your donation form to your WordPress website. 
  • But if you want a recurring payment setup, then you are not done yet.

Step 4 – Setup for accepting recurring payments

  • Scroll down the Stripe settings panel and check the box labeled Enable recurring subscription payments, this can be found under the Subscription section. 
  • Now, configure the following
    • Plan Name: This appears on the Stripe transaction and is generally the title of subscription.


  • Recurring Period: This option allows you to choose the period o how often people can make recurring payments. For instance weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.,


  • Customer Email: Select the Email from the dropdown menu. This enables the WPForms to send a notification to the customer after submitting the form. To work right, the Stripe recurring functionality will require the email of the individuals to contact. 
  • Now, you need to set the conditional logic rules as you gave people the option to make one-time donations or recurring donations. You can do this by selecting the checkbox labeled Enable conditional logic.
  • Configure the rule to make things super simple by selecting the process payment as recurring if Dropdown is Monthly. This way you allow your audience to make recurring donations to your organization and the payment is automatically processed depending upon the time interval provided on the form. 
  • Click Save.



Step 5 – Test your Donation Form

  • Hold on! Before you head straight to adding your donation form to your website, test it to make sure everything processes correctly. 
  • After testing, get going and add your form to your website.

So, now you are well-acknowledged about how to accept the recurring payments and make the donations easy or your customer through WPForms and Stripe addon. 

What are you waiting for? Go try creating a donation form for your website.

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