WordPress Polls for Your Website

You must have seen in different sites a concept of an online poll that asks the user a question and gives them some options. From those options, the user needs to give a response that shall show their opinion. Depending on the question, there can be some precise answers in form of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ which can also give an accurate result.

Now, what you see here is the WordPress Polls that can be put on the website. For this make the right use of web forms drag and drop form builder. It helps in creating some interactive polls and surveys for the site of WordPress.

Know more about WordPress Polls for the website

WordPress Polls is one of the unique features for the users that gives much clarity about the audience. Unlike other plugins available at the WordPress survey, this plugin offers quite accurate analysis and quick reporting too.

The stress is given more on coming up with the standard reporting that can help you see the results and thus create the decision as per the data. This eventually would help your business grow to a great extent.

Features to Use for your Survey

  • Smart Survey Fields

As compared to other regular WordPress plugins, you can avail yourself ample of features from this option. this means you don’t have to worry about the field’s duplication. It is a completely integrated feature that offers a single click.

You can simply turn any form that is on your site in the survey form with easy steps. The moment you let the poll or the survey option enable, there are all form fields that gets converted in the fields called smart survey

  • Best-in-class Survey Reports

Another reason why you must rely on WordPress polls is that it offers the best survey reports. This has been made from changes being made in different database structures. Due to this, you get the real-time insight feature that creates a report with quite appealing visualizations for every question.

You can even change the type of visualization as per your need. Other than this, there are also some other types of reports that can be chosen. This includes:

  • For old forms, there is Retroactively Enable Survey Reports
  • Real-time Polls Report
  • WPForms Surveys and Polls Addon Survey Reporting
  • Individual Charts

To improve the website of course you would want to know the survey results. That is how you shall be taking the next step which is to present the company on a public platform using social media or website.

This means you can export the whole survey report and the individual charts in the form of JPG or PDF with hardly a few clicks.

  • Survey Conditional Logic

There is also a choice to condition the order of the whole items in different choices or the field of the radio button. This will reduce the hassle of choice bias from the survey results

  • New Form Templates

New form temples are another option to try out. In the WordPress forms industry, this concept is quite trending. With the polls and survey addon, there are new other template forms too that can be used for creating the poll or the survey form.


These are just a few of the features of the WordPress polls. Besides, as the user keeps on exploring it more features can be revealed. The whole process of creating the WordPress polls for the website is to come up with a lively yet complex survey.

Since the concept of drag and drop is easy and you don’t have to pay high monthly subscription fees on it, you can make use of WPForms with quite powerful features.

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