WP Forms vs Gravity Forms

If you are looking for the best plugin to make your WordPress form, then you have multiple options of plugins offering different functionalities. Out of all the plugins, there are two most popular WordPress plugins available for the users: WPForms and Gravity Forms.

In this post, we will discuss both the plugins in detail and compare their pricing plans and ease of use.

What is WPForms and Gravity Forms?

WPForms is one of the best contact form plugins for websites of WordPress which is popular for its user-friendly form. Using WPForms, beginners can generate their WordPress forms with ease. It has simplified making contact forms, registration forms, etc.

WPForms is all about drag and drop whereby users can easily produce their contact form across the fields of their choice. It contains numerous built-in templates that you will find under the form builder and create your own WordPress forms in a single click.

The drag and drop functionality of WPForms can be used to make customized pre-built form templates by the users. The biggest advantage of using it is that it cuts down the time spent of making the forms. So, what earlier took hours to be created will now take only minutes.

You can also get access to its different premium add-ons that provide you features like adding polls and survey forms in WordPress.

On the other hand, Gravity Forms is another popular builder plugins for WordPress websites that can create all types of forms. With the help of Gravity Forms, you can make simple and the most complicated forms without any hassles.

When pitted against others, Gravity Forms surpasses other plugins because of its flexible functionalities. You can make online bookings, spam filters, add payment gateways, launch surveys, and more. You will have amazing add-ons to create the forms for your website in the best possible manner.


WPForms offers multiple price plans for users. The basic plan that they offer is available at $49 per year which is used mostly by personal websites and blogs. They also have plans for e-commerce sites, small businesses, and Non-profit organizations, among others.

However, if you want to try WPForms and test its features and utility before buying it, then you can download the lite version displayed under the WordPress plugins repository. Once you are satisfied, you can upgrade to a premium plan and make use of its premium features.

Gravity Forms provide licenses to both the elite and basic website users. They offer the prices starting at $59 / year for a single site license. This is a bit costly when we compare it with WPForms. To enjoy additional features, you will have to buy their ProPlan which will be even costlier.

You will also be provided with support and other updates for one year. The most expensive license offered by them is the Elite license which is also the most complete WordPress forms solution. It comes with priority support, all Gravity Forms add-ons, and lifetime updates.

Ease of Use

If you want to create WordPress forms in the quickest possible time, then WPForms is a reliable plugin. You can dispense with the need for hiring a developer or making codes for your forms. Using WPForms’s simple drag and drop form builder you can keep your form ready in no time.

This functionality can be used to rearrange the form fields in WordPress forms. You can even add or strike off the form fields. You can get a preview of the changes that you have made and therefore there is no need to switch to new tabs to see your changes in the form.

There are multiple addons given that can help you add additional features on your WordPress forms plugin. These add-ons include email marketing services, additional form templates, payment gateways, etc.

Users will have various built-in form templates that cater to all types of WordPress websites with ease. They offer a broad spectrum of templates such as donation, blank canvas, simple contact form, request a quote, newsletter sign up, etc.

You can introduce your form in the pages, posts, and widget-ready areas using WPForms. You can make use of the WPForms widget for showcasing the forms in the footer, widget areas, or in the sidebar of your website.

Gravity Forms gives robust drag and drop functionality of form builder as a result of which you can add fields and make your WordPress form. You can even create even the most complex forms without any trouble.

The process starts by adding a name for your form and adding the form fields. Gravity Forms does not have a preview of forms fields on the same page. This means you have to press the “Preview” button to your changes each time you make them. Also, there are no form templates, so you have to add the fields to the form manually.

Wrapping Up

WPForms and Gravity Forms have their own pros and features based on the requirements of the users. Both the plugins are user-friendly and compatible. You can go for any of the both depending on your preference of use.

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