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If you have an online business and you get a million visitors every month to the site.

It could be paid or free traffic how much it matters?

It takes a lot of work and money to drive a million visitors to the website. And what if only 10% of them filled the form you asked to fill the visitors?

And what if more than 60% of the visitors filled the form?

Before we talk about how to do this, do you know why many of the visitors leave the site without filling the form?

Only a clean and beautiful landing page can make the user wanted to fill the form. And Google form comes first, as it is free and has many features

But when it comes to conversion, it can’t satisfy, considering the work and money spent to get users to the site.

WPForms’ new addon Form Pages is an alternative to Google forms to use on WordPress. If you have seen my review on WPForms, you know how good is WPForms.

WPForms Form Pages addon

formpages by wpforms wordpress
Image Credit: WPForms

WPForms’ Form Pages is another addon to make high conversion landing pages and it’s clean and beautiful which get users’ focus on it.

You can select the style from multiple pre-made styles. And no coding is required to build a landing page. The style is not dependent on your theme. So, the theme doesn’t make any impact on the landing page style.

And you can use WPForms, you don’t need to be an expert for that.

Image Credit: WPForms

You can enable Form Page mode to create a custom landing page which is not dependent on the theme you are using on your WordPress website.

You can choose a style from the two styles. They are made for high conversion.

I remember freelancers charging more than 3 figures for a landing page. And creating a landing page that converts was not easy for a blogger or a person who is not a programmer.

But now, you can create a landing page in minutes you can even add your custom logo on it.

The best thing is you can use other addons with Form Pages addon and build a custom landing page.


Do you need this addon?

This addon is not only to collect email id from users. You can use it to,

  • Surveys: Conduct survey to understand your visitors and customers.
  • Login or Registration: You can use it to make a membership site, making it easy for people to login or register to your site.
  • Make everything you can with the form.

If you think Google forms is better, you don’t need to think about WPForms. But if you think that there is something in WPForms that any free application can’t offer, then you should try WPForms. The addons are available in the pro plan of WPForms.

If you want to increase your conversions, you need this. If you are a blogger and if you only want to collect email ids, then you WPForms is not required, but if you are looking for something that converts visitors into your loyal users, then you need WPForms.

You can buy WPForms from here.

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